N2Revolution Announces Launch of Fuel-Saving Automotive Innovation -- PurigeN98

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Revolutionary Tire Inflation System Improves Vehicle Performance, Gas Mileage...and Environment

N2Revolution, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer that develops environmentally friendly automotive solutions, today announced the official launch of PurigeN98, its flagship product designed to improve energy efficiency, safety and the environment, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2005. PurigeN98 is a tire inflation gas that is created by drying and deoxygenating air.

PurigeN98 (98 percent pure nitrogen) has been scientifically proven to prolong the life of a tire, increase gas mileage and improve overall vehicle performance with properly inflated tires, which has huge implications for safety. Additionally, PurigeN98 is environmentally friendly because properly inflated tires use less fuel and last longer, thereby reducing emissions and tire disposal impact.

"We are pleased to be able to deliver this product to the automotive market to benefit drivers everywhere of all vehicle types, especially at this time, when gas prices and other vehicle maintenance costs are at an all-time high," said Robin Pearl, president of N2Revolution. "We set out to help the environment by optimizing this technology and believe we'll be serving an even more practical purpose - reducing the cost of maintaining a vehicle - by improving tire efficiency, vehicle performance and gas mileage, all while helping the environment."

The technology is not new; however, it has not been available to the driving masses. Nitrogen inflation has been used for decades in a number of professional applications, such as Formula One, NASCAR, Tour de France, heavy duty off road equipment, NASA, commercial and military aircraft, including the one that transports a most powerful passenger, Air Force One

PurigeN98 developers and others presently using the technology have found that tires last longer, handle better and improve fuel mileage. N2Revolution plans to promote this alternative to regular compressed air currently being used to inflate tires. Ordinarily, compressed air contains moisture and oxygen, which cause oxidation, corrosion, leakage and accelerated wear in tires. Substituting the traditional inflation method - air pumped into a tire - with dry and oxygen-free PurigeN98 dramatically reduces these issues.

The patent-pending Nitroflator, which generates and dispenses PurigeN98, features fully automatic electrical controls and monitoring systems, temperature controlled air supply and a space-saving cylindrical design. It is easy to maintain, has an upgradeable capacity, is guaranteed to operate at a 98 percent purity level, and is supported by a nationwide service network.

What the Nitroflator has over other nitrogen tire inflation systems is its purity level and efficiency, which, at a guaranteed minimum of 98 percent, is the highest guaranteed purity available. Industry studies have found that the purer the gas, meaning the less oxygen it contains, the more effectively it will perform. Additionally, N2Revolution has a patent pending method of guaranteeing this unprecedented level of purity, among other process, design and functional differentiating features of the Nitroflator. This seals N2Revolution's position as a leading innovator in the tire service industry. PurigeN98 (98 percent nitrogen) inflation represents a significant advancement and will fuel a paradigm shift in the general tire service industry, which, up to this point, has always used plain compressed air.

N2Revolution is taking an aggressive approach to making PurigeN98 available to the masses so the average driver is able to take advantage of the benefits of the technology. The Company plans to accomplish this goal by initially providing PurigeN98 to car dealers, auto and tire service centers, and fleet operators nationwide. Though PurigeN98 is being used to inflate tires on cars, vans, trucks, recreational and other vehicles, it may also be used for bikes, ATV's, and any other device that uses rubber tires. N2Revolution is planning to eventually deliver PurigeN98 to those market segments as well.

The product is being made available to the U.S. market via a strategic rollout, which combines regional, national industry segments and company-specific distribution of the Nitroflator, all in the effort to deliver PurigeN98 to the driving public.

N2Revolution's president, Mr. Pearl, is no stranger to developing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly innovations. As co-founder of OceanBoy Farms, Inc. he played a leading role in developing a revolutionary shrimp farming method that minimizes the impact on the environment. Using sustainable aquaculture systems OceanBoy Farms is the largest organic shrimp farm in the US.

A number of activities will occur in the ramp up of the official introduction of PurigeN98 and the Nitroflator, which will take place on September 14, 2005, at 5289 NW 108th Avenue in Sunrise, Florida. At that event, industry participants, media and attendees will be able to preview the Nitroflator and have their tires inflated with PurigeN98 and, by appointment, tour the N2Revolution facility. Those wishing to attend are asked to RSVP at 954-741-4278, as space is limited.

N2Revolution, Inc, based in Sunrise, Florida, develops and manufactures leading-edge automotive solutions. Led by a team of distinguished veterans from the automotive, environmental, engineering and scientific realms, the company is committed to developing the highest-quality, affordable and environmentally friendly innovations that enhance the quality of life of todays sophisticated consumer. For more information about N2Revolution and its energy-saving solutions, call 954-741-4278 or visit http://www.purigen98.com.

Benefits of Purigen98:

  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Increases Tire Durability
  • Increases Vehicle Safety
  • Increases Vehicle Performance
  • Decreases Tire Oxidation
  • Decreases Environmental Pollution

Benefits of the Nitroflator:

  • Patented design creates most efficient de-oxygenating machine available.
  • Automatic electrical controls and monitoring systems
  • Electronically controlled temperature air supply
  • Air Liquide?s Medal advanced membrane
  • Space saving cylindrical design
  • Expandable/Upgradeable Modular design


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