Gasoline Prices Hurt Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses

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The price of Gasoline and Service Based Businesses. Lawn Care, Landscaping, Pressure Washing and Janitorial Businesses feel the pinch.

As the price of gasoline soars, so do the costs of running many small businesses. Owners of LAWN CARE and LANDSCAPING businesses use a tremendous amount of Gasoline in their business every day.

Lawn Care business owners not only have to worry about the cost of gas in driving from one job to the next. They also have to factor in that they are hauling heavy equipment, often on a trailer. The excess drag and weight of the trailer reduces fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Additionally, the equipment and machinery (lawn mowers, gas trimmers, blowers) use tremendous amounts of gasoline everyday.

Sources at (click the link to visit their website) say that business owners who follow their guidelines can service more customers in a week without driving all over town and wasting gasoline in their vans and trucks.

Representatives from (click the link to visit their website) say that there are many ways a Lawn Care Company can reduce their gasoline expense and keep their business profitable. "We find that there are many ways to become much more efficient. Lawn Care companies can greatly reduce their gas costs by following some simple steps."

Hauling and operating equipment use a lot of gas. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce fuel consumption.

1. Keep all your tires properly inflated, not only on you vehicle, but also on your equipment trailer and the equipment itself.

2. Consider buying an enclosed trailer. Also, use the smallest trailer possible for the jobs you are doing. If you are only doing small residential jobs, there is no reason to carry all of your equipment in a very large trailer to each job.

3. Keep your blades sharp and keep your mower in good repair. Change oil and all filters (air filters, oil filter, and fuel filter) as recommended.

4. Plan your route and schedules carefully. The business program at: (click the link to visit their website) shows business owners how to properly schedule customers and how to get many customers in a single neighborhood to greatly reduce travel time and gasoline usage.

5. Store your gasoline containers properly and securely with caps and vent plugs properly closed. Fill your equipment when you unload to start a new job. A full equipment gas tank will tend to leak gas when it is bouncing on a trailer during transport. Of course, you should only top up gasoline when your lawn mower is turned off and the engine and muffler are cool.

6. During transporting and storage, close the gas valve on your lawn mower fuel line. This simple act can increase the life of your spark plugs and it can help keep your engine running smoother which will increase your fuel efficiency.

"In addition to these concepts, we teach lawn care companies better ways to go about doing their work." Using special mowing techniques and special mowing patterns, a lawn care company can learn how to reduce their mowing time on many jobs by up to 50 percent. (click the link to visit their website) says that companies can easily learn how to reduce mowing time. Their training videos show concepts on how to mow a lawn much more quickly. "Proper mowing techniques and concepts save you gas money and they also allow you to do a greater number of yards in a day...increasing productivity."

Gas prices are expected to stay high. But with proper techniques, gas prices will not take a bite out of your bottom line. (click the link to visit their website) provides instructional resources for startup and professional lawn care and landscaping companies. (click the link to visit their website) provides instructional resources for pressure washing companies.


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