Flor de Sal USA Announces Their Participation in Natural Products Expo East, Sept. 16-18 in Washington, D.C.

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(Seattle, WA) August 24, 2005 -- Flor de Sal USA announces that they will be exhibiting Necton S.A.Â?s line of natural sea salts at the Natural Products Expo East, September 16-18 in Washington, D.C.

Flor de Sal USA announces that they will be exhibiting Necton S.A.’s line of natural sea salts at the Natural Products Expo East, Sept. 16-18 in Washington, D.C.

“We’re excited to be able to exhibit the products of our sister company, Necton S.A., at the show. In addition, we are pleased to be able to exhibit in the Biofach/Organic Pavilion. Ultimately, by exhibiting in this pavilion, we hope show visitors will come to know that there is a certified natural alternative to the industrialized, processed salt that people have grown accustomed to here in the U.S.,” said Brian Batts, Managing Partner of Flor de Sal USA.

Batts continued, “While salt is not part of the USDA National Organic Program in the United States, salt harvesting standards have been written by international bodies which set aside, through a rigid certification process, natural or “organic” sea salts from the rest – these standards dictate the methods and tools of the harvesting, as well as ensures that there are no additives, preservatives, or bleaching agents included in the salt - so common even in products labeled as “sea salt”. Without a 3rd party certification – you don’t get that level of assurance.”

About Necton’s Products:

After the winter rains have ceased, and the birds have begun their journeys back north, the salt pans (salinas) of the Belamandil, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the European coastline, are ready to be harvested. During the summer months, weather permitting -- an absence of rainfall and a dry wind from the north -- the salinas are worked by local salt harvesters (marnotos). The marnotos, on a daily basis, skim the delicate crystals forming on the top of the salt pan by hand, with the same wooden implements that have been used for millenia. The resulting brilliantly white sea salt -- Flor de Sal – literally "the flower of salt" – also known as Fleur de Sel - is a light, crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth salt that maintains all the micronutrients naturally found in ocean water and has been described by many as having hints of sweetness and creaminess, without any of the harshness commonly associated with regular table salt.

Necton’s Traditional Sea Salt (Sal Marinho Tradicional), similar to Flor de Sal, is harvested by hand, but only after the salt crystals have settled on the bottom of the salina. Every three weeks, the marnotos, using similar implements and techniques as with Flor de Sal, exercise great care in harvesting Sal Marinho Tradicional. These crystals, along with Flor de Sal, are placed in piles beneath the Algarve sun, where they are naturally dried, and then sent off for packaging, with no additional processing taking place.

About Flor de Sal USA:

Located in Seattle, WA, Flor de Sal USA was started in the summer of 2004 with the goal of bringing Necton’s award winning salts to the U.S. marketplace, with plans to work directly with Necton to develop additional nature-based products which spring forth from the salt pans of the Ria Formosa Natural Park in southern Portugal.

Additional information on the products can be found at http://www.flordesal.net, or by contacting Flor de Sal USA via email at info@flordesal.net or by phone at (206) 407-3882.

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