No Cost Canadian Citizenship

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Any company, outside of Canada, can secure Canadian citizenship without cost for one or two of their executives. It's one of the scores of benefits available to non-Canadian companies that adopt the Venture Capital Profits strategy. You can order the ebook at:

Canada has been voted to be one of the best places in the world to live, with the highest living standard in the world, for the past five years by the United Nations. Canada is the Austria or Switzerland of North America. Its cost of living is well below that of the United States.

Canada wants you, if your company can create jobs in Canada. There are no quotas based on nationality, language skills or present citizenship. You, your spouse and your children can apply for Canadian citizenship. Once you become Canadian citizens, you can sponsor your parents and other family members. It's a ploy that works for Venture Capital Profits strategy companies and it would work for you.

Your VCP Corporation buys a Canadian business and you, or a close relative, qualifies for Canadian citizenship. Your VCP corporation develops its NAFTA distribution center in Canada and you, or a close relative, qualifies for Canadian citizenship. Of course your distribution center or acquired Canadian business must create jobs for at least one Canadian. That seems to be a small price to pay for Canadian citizenship. Once you are a Canadian citizen, you can expand your business in the USA under the NAFTA agreement. If you want more information, visit: [

As a Canadian citizen, you can visit the USA without a visa. For the first five years of your Canadian residence, you aren't subject to Canadian income tax.

Nor does Canada tax you on foreign-source income. After you secure your Canadian passport, if you choose to live outside of Canada for more than half of each year, you aren't subject to Canadian income taxes.

Unlike the United States, the Canadian government quickly processes resident visa applications. If approved, you will receive residency status similar to the US "Green Card."

Read Venture Capital Profits and adopt its strategy to evolve your company into a multinational corporation. [ Use a PIPE financing through the Global Village Investment Club [ to fund your leveraged acquisitions of cash-producing assets. Ensure that one of those cash-producing assets is in Canada. Send a close relative to manage your Canadian subsidiary. Expect that relative to apply for Canadian citizenship. After you complete the Venture Capital Profits strategy, you can have that Canadian relative sponsor you and your family into Canada.

This entire Canadian immigration process costs you nothing. The costs are borne by your multinational corporation.

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