Doctor of Human Resource Development Joins My Success University to Fill Multi-level Marketing Niche

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Dr. Fabio Moro provides professional training and development to the network marketing and home based business industry. With these systems anyone can become successful in network marketing.

Dr. Fabio Moro, Ph.D. has joined My Success University -- a Houston-based professional development organization specializing in marketing home based businesses--in an effort to help alleviate the tremendous failure rates associated within the home based business industry. “The number one reason why most people fail at network marketing is they lack results based marketing systems coupled with effective training. Most network marketers are left to nothing better than the 3 foot rule. This basically means they have to talk to everyone they see and meet. With today’s internet there is absolutely no reason to rely solely on relationship marketing. It is because of this high failure rate that many people falsely believe all network marketing companies are pyramid schemes or scams, but in reality they provide a wonderful opportunity assuming you know how to market yourself properly.”

Peter Drucker—perhaps the world’s leading authority on business management--states that the most important function of business is its marketing function, yet surprisingly there is very little in the way of providing online marketing solutions for the aspiring network marketer other than perhaps providing a basic mirror site and basic tools. “We have a situation today in which more and more network marketing programs are international, combine this with the inevitable growth of the internet and we are truly living in a global village. It was only natural that we decided to provide marketing solutions primarily geared to the network marketer.”

Every year according to the Department of Commerce over 1 million people in America start some sort of business and over 40 per cent of them fail within the first year. Within five years over 80 per cent fail. This means that approximately 800,000 businesses fail every 5 years. "Today’s business programs, in my estimation, do a very poor job of teaching aspiring entrepreneurs the nuts and bolts of internet marketing. I personally believe it is because generally professors are more concerned with publishing for peer reviewed journals which tend to be heavily focused on theory building. This means that often they have little practical e-commerce."

Dr. Moro began to first explore the possibility of using the internet in the home based business industry while earning his masters degree in educational technology. "I knew I wanted to be in my own home based business, I never had the thought that I would simply do research and publish. I wanted to create a viable way to set myself free from the 9-5." This passion eventually led him to pursue a Doctorate in Human Resource Development. But, "I soon became disenchanted with the academic world. To me, few academics seemed able to capture and articulate the full possibility of the internet."

My Success University is designed to market virtually any home based business and is particularly effective for the network marketer. That is what to me is so very unique about My Success University, it allows you to market any business, while most of the others opportunities I have encountered only want you to focus on their business. This allows you to create a true income portfolio."

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