"Personal" Junk Mail: Postcard Expert Endorses New Product - The Personal Postcard

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Postcard Marketer helps increase response by offering new postcard product enabling smaller quantity postcard runs with unique quality Â? each card is personalized.

A new postcard has hit the market, announced by Postcard Marketing Expert, Joy Gendusa, owner and founder of PostcardMania. It is called The Personal Postcard and it’s not limited to professional direct marketers. The Personal Postcard can be used by any profession or any individual to stay in touch on a more personal basis. The original purpose was to assist business owners to capitalize on their lost leads and increase response rate of regular direct mail. But, incredibly, all sorts of people are jumping on the Stay In Touch bandwagon.

The Personal Postcard is a take-off of variable-data postcards. Variable-data came out 8-10 years ago and most people only think of it as the ability to print different addresses on each postcard. However, The Personal Postcard uses this technology to make each individual postcard completely personal to every person on one’s mailing list.

PostcardMania initially took on this program to enable their customers to stay in touch with their leads and get more closes – a follow-up to the direct mail approach by allowing businesses to capitalize on unclosed leads from their direct mail campaigns. They call The Personal Postcard program Shortrun, comparing it to their larger runs of 5000.

Shortrun enables one to target an entire demographic yet remain as personal as if they were mailing to each and every person in that demographic on a single basis – which in essence they are. The users and uses can be as diverse as the postcard itself: headhunters, job seekers, marriage announcements, divorce announcements, invitations, thank you notes, Happy Birthday greetings, band promotions to club owners, press postcards to magazine editors, personal Christmas cards, Real Estate “I sold this house” cards…the list is endless. With Shortrun, one has the ability not only to put the individual’s name on the card, but even personalize the message on the postcard.

Shortrun can be accessed via the internet at PostcardMania’s web site at http://shortrun.postcardmania.com (no www). One can literally customize a postcard to send to someone in just minutes without leaving their desk. A single postcard or two or ten or a million – each one uniquely different from the other. And to keep the printing quality closer to that of a traditional printer, an Indigo digital printer is used.

“The program is unique in that works as a contact management system; it stores the history of your contacts and saves your cards, as well as providing a 24-hour turn around time” said Brian Grady, developer of the program and owner of StayInTouchmail (http://www.stayintouchmail.com).

Shortrun is easy to use and can be completed in five easy steps. To get over the learning curve, PostcardMania’s Shortrun offers 10 free credits to each new person that signs up. The cost to sign up is free.

“Businesses need to stay in communication with their prospects and their customers. Think about it. If, on a personal level, you never talked to anyone, eventually – slowly but surely – no one would talk to you anymore. The same goes with businesses. If you don’t communicate – guess what? No one will communicate with you. And that does not help the economy – or your pocket book.” Joy Gendusa said. “People like receiving real mail addressed to them personally. It’s like someone that remembers your name when they see you - it takes the “junk” out of junk mail.”

For more information about direct mail marketing with postcards or to request an interview or inquire about a speaking engagement with Joy Gendusa, visit PostcardMania at http://www.postcardmania.com or call 800-628-1804.

About PostcardMania:

PostcardMania is a full-service postcard direct mail marketing company which includes graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services – with the unique service of in-depth marketing advice at absolutely no additional cost whatsoever. They now offer a unique product of Shortrun postcards, enabling the consumer to customize and personalize individual postcards with the same high print quality.

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