Smile Paradigm Inks First Deal For Sale of New Toothpaste Technology and Formulations That Can Result in Whiter, Healthier Teeth Using Less Time Toothbrushing

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Smile Paradigm Inc. today announced a contract and collaboration between itself and Oralbotics Inc. that will lead to the development of a new kind of oral health maintenance system that could have a tremendous impact on the health of people world wide. The deal will pair Smile Paradigm’s revolutionary, first-of-its-kind, liquid toothpaste concentrate formulations, with the upcoming, all-new version of the irrigating, powered, 6-headed Hydrabrush™ toothbrush. The liquid tooth cleaner and brushing device will have the ability to remove stains, whiten teeth and prevent cavities / gingivitis better - in less than 40 seconds of brushing time.

– Smile Paradigm, Inc., a newly formed Nevada Corporation with headquarters in New York City, already one of the nations leading developer of highly scientific oral care intellectual properties, announced today that it has signed its first ever product licensing agreement with Oralbotics Research Inc. In that contract, Oralbotics agreed to purchase the rights to the “non-abrasive versions” of Smile Paradigm’s revolutionary, first-of-its-kind, liquid toothpaste (dentifrice) concentrate formulations, so that they can offer it for sale with the next version of their irrigating, powered, 6-headed Hydrabrush™ toothbrush. In return, Smile Paradigm will receive undisclosed cash payments and royalties. It will be likely available for purchase by consumers beginning in November 2005 according to management of Oralbotics.

According to Dr. Martin Giniger, Chairman and Founder of Smile Paradigm, the collaboration between the two companies will lead to the development of a new kind of oral health maintenance system that could have a tremendous impact on the health of people world wide. He believes that the Oralbotics device will likely prove to be the ultimate way for consumers to begin to use “truly liquid” tooth cleaners instead of standard toothpaste. Dentifrices traditionally have been formulated as extremely thick gels or pastes and even though liquid hybrid varieties have recently become available, none of these new hybrids are as fluid as they need to be. Dr. Giniger explained that’s because, up until now, there was no practical way to keep a truly liquid tooth cleaner confined to the bristles of a toothbrush. “Finally we have a way to give consumers an inexpensive and convenient way to use a much better kind of toothpaste. People will see that liquid dentifrice has the ability to remove stains better, whiten teeth, prevent cavities better and prevent gingivitis better - using much less time and at a lower marginal cost.”

As evidence of the possible health benefits that might be forthcoming, Dr. Giniger discussed the findings of his recently published research in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA, July 2004) that showed that liquid toothpaste works as much as 35% better than the control “gold-standard” toothpaste. Additionally Smile Paradigm has just completed a new study that clearly demonstrates that the liquid teeth cleaning concentrate, when used in the Oralbotics irrigating powered toothbrush, resulted in healthier gums and whiter looking teeth, even when people brushed for as little as 40 seconds.

Executives at Smile Paradigm believe that that there will likely be three initial varieties placed on the market that will promote gum health, tooth whitening and children’s health. Each will be concentrated so that product’s anticipated unit-dose container will have the scientifically measured precise amount of the liquid cleaner to be used at each tooth brushing, eliminating guess work and ensuring optimized performance. Also the small size of the twist-top dose container would make it easy to store in the bathroom and easy to take on the road when traveling.

For more information on the Hydrabrush™, contact Bill Dendiu, Oralbotics Executive Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs at (800) 581-9834. For more information about Smile Paradigm Inc., and its paradigm-shifting line-up of highly efficacious and safe personal care and oral care products, visit More information about liquid dentifrice can be found at

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