Smoking While Driving To Become Illegal?

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New legislation would criminalize taking a drag while driving

A new legislation has been introduced by Assemblyman John McKeon calling for a ban on smoking while driving.

Obviously, a significant portion of the nation is upset about this, feeling that lately, targeting smokers has been the popular, and very unfair, thing to do. One cigar smoker voiced that until someone makes his car payments for him, they won't be telling him what he can and can't do inside of that car.

All offenders of the legislation, if passed would be hit with a fine that could reach $250. The sponsors of the measure insist that it's designed to improve highway safety more than to protect health. Assemblyman McKeon, a tobacco opponent whose father died of emphysema, cites an AAA-sponsored study on driver distractions in which the association found that of 32,000 accidents linked to distraction; one per cent was related to smoking. There were also talks of passing legislation that would prevent smokers from smoking in cars when children were present, but that measure was set aside for this one.

A list of statistics about death rates, cancer rates and any other rates among smokers usually bounces off their tar-coated lungs with minimal affect. They know the dangers, they know the risks, and they know it's about time for another cigarette.

Regardless of imposed bans on smoking, it seems like a majority of smokers know they should quit but don't want to become another statistic of those who failed to quit (or to join the larger group of those who don't want to become that statistic for a third, fourth, or fifth time), and there's always the popular excuse: “I don't want to gain weight”. It doesn't need to be said: Smoking is an addiction. More than a craving, more than merely pleasurable, smoking drives you. Smoking orchestrates the hours of your day, your priorities, and your budget. Smokers may consume cigarettes, but smoking consumes everything about the smoker's life, it becomes their identity.

Sales of nicotine patches and gum seem to ever be on the rise, but do they really work? If anything they are evidence of the desire to quit. So what happens when they fail, but a smoker still wants to quit? If a smoker does not have a real desire to quit, there is nothing that will help them. They must be motivated to quit in order to succeed. But there are ways to strengthen their will power and overcome the things that seem to have an unfair advantage over their desire to quit like replacing one bad habit with another (constant snacking, obsessive behaviors, etc.), lack of sleep or over exhaustion as the body begins to adapt to a smoke-free life and being healing itself, friends or family who still smoke, the list goes on.

Selmedica Healthcare, a leader in the nutraceutical industry, has developed a smoking cessation kit that may be the first of its kind. Based on multiple international studies, tests, and research, the kit attempts to conquer every obstacle that would defeat a nicotine addict struggling to kick the habit for good. Phyto-pharmaceuticals (plant based medicines) have been used for decades and are a part of daily life and health care in Europe and Canada, but have long been thwarted by the big drug companies and pharmaceutical industry. Nicozan™ is a three-step kit that includes a capsule to help naturally and safely mimic nicotine's affect in the body, with the intent of reducing cravings for cigarettes, a capsule for weight loss called “the world's first gastric bypass pill” to help deter any weight gain from habit-replacing snacking, and a third capsule that helps remove toxins from the body and loosen up mucous to speed the recovery process from the damage done by the Butt Habit. Also included in the kit is a motivational/hypnosis CD to help reprogram sub-conscious cravings and impulses to have a cigarette or even the movement of bringing your hand to your mouth and inserting something between the lips.

As the trends in health shift further and faster towards alternative treatments, new alternatives such as Nicozan™, to conventional chemical and synthetic treatments for addictions are increasing in popularity. As big-wig pharmaceutical companies continue to partner with the FDA and politicians like Senator Bob Frist in attempts to take drastic legislative measures to ensure they alone hold the keys to health, more people are taking initiative to educate themselves and ensure they will have the freedom now and in the future to choose alternatives that are widely used internationally and proven through documented research, tests and studies to be as effective, and often times superior to conventional treatments with one glaring difference: typically these alternative treatments produce very few, if any side effects.

Perhaps the nail in the coffin of the major drug companies may be an offer common among producers of alternative treatments like Nicozan™, with a 100 percent money back, no questions asked guarantee. Not to mention the price. To purchase alternative treatments like Nicozan™ from Selmedica Healthcare or any other manufacturer of botanical products does not require a war with your insurance provider. As much as the pharmaceutical company would like to regulate them, these alternatives cannot be sold as prescriptions.

The typical cost for a kit like Nicozan™ which also includes a craving blocker, a journal to help keep track of progress and over 100 helpful tips and tricks from experienced quitters usually retails for around $350. Selmedica Healthcare, like many similar companies, offer alternatives as effective as Nicozan™ for $177. Like other nutraceutical companies, Selmedica Healthcare confidently offers 100 percent money back, no questions asked guarantee, even up to a year after the purchase date. Ask any pharmacy or drug company to beat a guarantee or a deal like that – you'd be laughed at.

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