New Education US Map Instantly Shows How To Find Every School, Department Of Education and Official State Website In The USA

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Imagine one U.S. map instantly showing students, parents & teachers how to find every elementary, middle, high school & college in the USA. is a brand new website with unique articles, research tools, Blogs and a custom designed US Map showing every School in the USA.

According to founder Robert Reuter, BS "when I was researching on the search engines trying to find schools in every state, I wasted so much time and became so frustrated that I hired and paid a computer programmer to custom design a US Map Showing Every School In The USA and decided to share this with the World."

Here is the location of the US Map to every school in the USA

This one US Map has 4 different maps

1. Official State Website Map for Each State

2. Department of Education Map For Each State

3. Elementary, Middle and High School Map

4. College Map for Each State

The US Map article teaches you How to Use this amazing map with 4 case studies using the State of Florida as an example.

As a parent you may live in Chicago, New York, or Washington, DC with a child who is a senior in High School who wants to get out of the freezing cold weather and attend a college in Florida.

Just click on the US Map Florida and you will see every college in the State of Florida.

There are many students who are attending a 2 year community college hoping to transfer to a major college University. American and foreign country students can find every College in the USA.

What if your transferring jobs within the same State and you need to find an elementary, middle or high school for your kids? No problem, just find the school you want from one Us Map.

What if you need to renew your auto license plate tags? What if you need the name of all licensed realtors in your state? What if you need the social security website for your state? Solution, instantly find results you need, quick, fast and easy with the US Map.

"70% of what a student learns is forgotten within 24 hours because of rote learning."

Research shows "founder Robert Reuter, BS says that advanced memory & learning skills are not being taught in the current education system. If 70% of what students learn is forgotten within 24 hours, then why are these 13th century rote learning techniques being taught in school today. Why don't all these licensed teachers, and professors with doctorate degrees do something about this major education mistake?"

All of Education is based on rote learning. Secrets Your Never Suppose To Learn? Read the article here

Students and teachers researching can use a new research toolbox located at

The research toolbox has research links to articles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, libraries, colleges, book reports, congress, CIA, archaeological, Americas Most Wanted, Sex Offender Search and lots more all on one page saving time.

The is designed to help students, parents, and teachers with continuing education self help, home school study courses, with very unique articles, content, Blogs and research tools.

The Secret Code of Memory was a closely guarded secret in history reserved for the most brilliant minds like Albert Einstein, Newton and are not being taught in school today. Here is the article

Robert Reuter, BS double majored with a minor at College in 4 years and is the founder of who makes it easy to find every school in the USA with this New Amazing US Map. To Learn The Secret Code of Memory and receive your Free 7 Day Learning Skills Boot Camp Course visit:


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