Personal Assistants Deliver Bolivian Love Crystals

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Shipping should only be a small and final part of your on line, overseas or auction purchase, but to the dismay of many, it was not that small, final or even as clear an issue as one would have expected, especially when foreign escrow services are involved. And then there were the Bolivian Love Crystals.

The easy part starts when you see an item on line or in an advertisement, you rely on the sellers description and photos to make your decision. Having done so, you make your deposit on the item or in some cases full payment may be required. Now the gray area of your purchase starts, making a final payment, if required, getting the item shipped to you in one piece and being confident that the item you purchased is actually what you will be receiving and not a substitute, copy, counterfeit or bogus article.

Assuming, for all intents and purposes, that the seller is above board and the article is genuine. The payment can be wired by Western Union or via an on line credit card processor. All is fine, and there now only remains one thing left to complete the transaction – delivery. With all things being equal, there should be no problem, but if you have the slightest doubt, as was the case with one of our clients and her 'Love Crystals' from the city of Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) in Bolivia, in such a case, Worldezbiz can and will put those doubts to rest!

Please See Bolivian Love Crystals at;

On inexpensive items of less than two or three thousand dollars maybe you would just take a chance and hope for the best that all goes well. But on higher end purchases of several thousands of dollars, and possibly of valuable items that you may consider to be priceless, you just can't take a wait and see approach if all goes well in today's world of prolific spoofers, scammers and fraud artists.

Some things to consider before paying much more than you had expected.

(a). Is the seller the rightful owner of the item?

(b). Will the item be as described?

(c). Is the item an original or a copy?

(d). Who will oversee the proper packaging of your item for shipment?

(e). If you are using a foreign escrow service, are they legitimate?

(f). Will the escrow service assure you that the item is as per what you purchased?

(g). Who will make sure that your item is not damaged goods?

(h). What recourse will you have if one of the above considerations turns sour?

Please see one of our previous press release explaining some of the spoofs, scams, escrow service pitfalls and limitations ... A real eye opener and some food for thought at;

Yes, at Worldezbiz we advertise, but we also do what we advertise ... one of the leaders in personal assistant services can help put your mind at ease on your next overseas purchase, covering Europe, South America and China.

Our versatile, mature, highly educated personal assistants will make sure that you will be getting what you paid for, as we have already insured for many others. No matter what your purchase, Worldezbiz Personal Assistants will take care of it as if it were their own personal property.

(1). We will contact and visit the seller in their country.

(3). We will verify that the item you intend to purchase is as per your specifications.

(4). We will arrange to pay the seller any monies owing and take possession of the item.

(5). We will assure that the proper shipping documents have all been completed, insurance, etc ..

(6). We will make sure your item is properly packed for shipping.

(7). We will arrange to ship your item as per your instructions, method, speed etc ..

(8). We can also arrange to deliver your smaller items, hand carried door to door if required.

(9). In short, we will make sure that you get what you paid for, No Surprises.

If the purchase price of your item is in the several thousands of dollars range -- or maybe a one of a kind priceless personal article that has no intrinsic monetary value -- then don't just take a chance, let the personal assistants at give you some peace of mind.

Please see more details for this and other services at;

Guaranteed Confidential Service!

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