Largest In-Store Lifesaving Program Ever Deployed By A Major National Retailer

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Kmart is the first national retailer to rise above the pool of depraved indifference and reckless endangerment shown by the retail industry.

Kmart and Sears Holding Corporation, of Troy Michigan are currently launching the largest lifesaving network ever implemented in retail industry. By the end of 2006, approximately 1,445 Kmart stores will be equipped with a system which allows anyone to summon live paramedic assistance, and to provide lifesaving treatment to any customer or employee prior to local EMS arrival on the scene.

The advanced cutting edge system, called EMS-TV™, is a public access two way audio/video emergency communication system, equipped with lifesaving AED (Automated External Defibrillator) equipment, as well as a variety of other advance first aid supplies and equipment. Kmart will be training multiple employees at each Kmart across the country in emergency lifesaving treatment. The system will be vital in the emergency medical treatment of any number of medical emergencies, including SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest). This initiative by Kmart Corporation and Sears Holding Corporation represents the single largest AED program deployment in United States history, and the first national AED program to be offered by any major national retailer.

C. Kevin Coonce, of B A Lifesaver, Inc. a non-profit organization whose goal is public education and awareness of AEDs and AED programs, stated, “I have been a worldwide leader in AED program deployments for over five years now. As one of the foremost experts in AEDs and AED programs nationwide, I have consulted with many national and regional retailers and have observed one very disturbing fact. Each and every national retailer I have ever consulted for has had one thing in common. They all acknowledge that AED programs save lives, and that they are the only effective treatment for SCA. They all understand that when a victim suffers SCA, their chances of survival decrease by up to 10% per minute; with the national EMS response time 10 to 12 minutes on average. To sum up their understanding in a nutshell; “They know AED programs work”. They all prove this understanding by actions. They all have their corporate headquarters, corporate aircraft, and many corporate cars equipped with AEDs. Until Kmart’s imitative, all the national retailers have chosen to only protect their senior executives, and have discriminated against their other employees and their customers by failing to extend equal protection to them.”

Coonce continued, “In my professional opinion, all the national retailers, with the exception of Kmart and Sears Holding, are guilty of depraved indifference to human life, and are at a minimum, criminally responsible for discrimination and reckless endangerment of safety and human life.”

According to the American Heart Association, 350,000 people die every year in the United States from SCA. That breaks down to about 40 people per hour. The average U.S. survival rate is approximately 1%. That means that, on an average, 99% of all SCAs result in death. AEDs, which can be safety used by anyone with minimal training, can potentially increase the victims chances of survival all the way to 90%. AEDs will not deliver a lifesaving shock if the victim is not suffering SCA. National retailers can extend this lifesaving protection to all their employees and customers for less than 2 cents per person. There are even advanced cutting edge systems, such as EMS-TV being deployed by Kmart, which not only do not cost the retailer any money, but actually earn the retailer additional revenue.

“Therefore as I said previously, there is absolutely no excuse for national retailer’s failure to extend the same protection they extend to the senior executives to every one of their employees and customers; except simply their depraved indifference to safety and to human life.”

Kmart is the first national retailer to rise out of the current pool of depraved indifference shown by the national retail industry. Kmart has proven by this unselfish program that Kmart is genuinely concerned, not only for the lives of their senior executives, but for all their employees and customers. Kmart cares. This too, is a genuine first for the national retail industry.

There are some regional retailers who have cared enough for the lives of their employees and customers to extend lifesaving protection equally. Meijers, a Grand Rapids Michigan based regional retailer, has for several years, supplied all their stores with AEDs and have trained their employees in their use. Meijers AED program has already saved the lives of several of their customers.

Coonce said “For me, when I shop in a store and spend my hard earned money, I like to think my life is worth more than two cents to that company. Believe me; when I am shopping, I remember that Kmart and Meijers have both proven to me that they care enough for me, as a person and as a customer, to extend the same lifesaving protection toward my life as they extend toward their executives. I also remember the fact, as I drive right past, many other national retailers, that I spoke to them in the past, and they currently have AEDs protecting their executives; and to date they do not feel my life or their store employees lives are worth spending two cents to protect. Maybe its time the general public and the employees of these companies remember the same and drive right past these stores, until they are afforded equal protection.”

About Mr. Coonce: C. Kevin Coonce currently chairs a non-profit organization by the name of B A Lifesaver, Inc., whose goal is public education and awareness of AEDs and AED programs. Mr. Coonce, one of the country leading experts in AEDs and AED program implementation, is an Instructor Trainer for the American Heart Association, a member of the AED Instructor’s Foundation, a licensed Medical First Responder, and has lectured, trained, and consulted regarding AEDs, AED Programs, emergency medical response, and in various basic and advanced emergency medical systems. Mr. Coonce was co-inventor of the EmergencyMedicalStation which is the advanced cutting edge EMS-TV system currently being installed in Kmart. Mr. Coonce is the former President and CEO of Emergency Medical Systems, Inc., a Michigan based company. Prior to Emergency Medical Systems, Inc., Mr. Coonce was Chief Operating Officer for North America Medical Corporation, a worldwide distributor of AEDs and AED programs.    

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