The Advent Of Ownedvertising

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Kevin Glennon employees a new marketing technique called "Ownedvertising" to capture the attention -- and names -- of top advertising executives.

Kevin Glennon, creative technologist from The Offices Of Kevin Glennon, recently released a new campaign using a method he calls "ownedvertising."

Glennon wanted to reach out to the leaders of the advertising industry. To do it, he invited them to play Fantasy Football. To ensure the invitees would at least read his letter, he bought their domain names. In order for them to get their domain names "back," they have to beat him in Fantasy Football.

The project, called, uses a standard Yahoo! Fantasy Football league, for which Glennon paid. The executives were asked to sign into this league so that Glennon could show them how smaller online techologies, such as fantasy sports, can be leveraged to reach the fragmenting mass markets of yesterday.

"People are moving away from traditional media channels because they want more personalized content and more control," noted Glennon. "One television commercial speaks at a group of people, whereas one interactive Internet application is customized and controlled by users. When companies create content that is meaningful to a specific audience, it creates a better brand experience and response by the consumer."

Glennon is pioneering a new piece to the advertising puzzle: creative technology. This is when advertising creative teams partner a technologist with a creative mindset together with the traditional Bernbach pairing of an art director and a copywriter. Creative technologists use simple existing technologies in unique ways to make new tools and media channels through which they reach consumers.

Fantasy Football is where players set up virtual teams online. As the professional football players score points and kick field goals in real life, fantasy managers get points for their "teams." An estimated 15 million people play Fantasy Football, and 30 million play some type of fantasy sport.

In the project, Glennon is leading discussions with these executives to show them new possibilities for reaching these fragmented, focused markets. The players will engage in a real season of Fantasy Football, while they both learn about the powers of creative technology, and fight to regain their names.

"The advertising industry is much like the Apollo 13 mission," explained Glennon. "When the rocket was launched, it was the bleeding-edge way to do things. Along the way, it became broken. Now we find the advertising industry lost in space, broken, and needing creative ways of fixing it with the tools on hand. Creative technology is there for this purpose -- it takes the pieces we have on hand, our technical socks, tubes, and duct tape, and puts them together in brilliant ways. We can bring these outdated agencies back to Earth, but it's going to take new methods and perspectives."

On the concept of "ownedvertising," Glennon said, "No, I don't think ownedvertising is going to become some crazy new media channel. It just seemed logical that if I want to get someone's attention, it would be pretty effective to buy their name, and give them a reason to talk to me. Besides, it's proof in the pudding that creative technologists can be pretty effective. For less than $100 bucks, I'll probably get a 100% response rate. Tell me one direct marketer that wouldn't kill for those numbers."

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