Babies Can Learn Their ABCs and 123s Earlier Than Expected

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Preschool Prep Company’s™ Award-Winning DVD Series Helps Babies Master the Basics as Early as 15 Months “Meet the Letters™,” “Meet the Numbers™,” “Meet the Shapes™Â”Available Direct-to-DVD September 20, 2005 from Preschool Prep Company™

Danville, CA (September 6, 2005)– How early can children learn their letters, numbers and shapes? Thanks to Kathy Oxley, much sooner than once thought. Oxley, who saw her four children learn their letters differently from the way other children were being taught, formed Preschool Prep Company™ to challenge the traditional notion that kids can’t learn about print until they begin formal schooling.

One two-month study and countless hours of research and development later, Preschool Prep Company™ is set to launch a line of DVDs that helps young children master not only letters, but also numbers and shapes, before they are even able to speak. Now parents everywhere can take advantage of early opportunities to increase the potential for their child’s later learning success.

The initial titles in the launch – “Meet the Letters™,” “Meet the Numbers™Â” and “Meet the Shapes™Â” – are powerful tools designed to provide babies and toddlers with the building blocks for later academic achievement during the opportune time of development when they are learning to talk. Each animated Preschool Prep Series™ DVD will be available September 20, 2005 for a suggested retail price of $14.99 and they are aimed at ages 9 months to 5 years.

Each DVD includes special bonus features to reinforce the lessons learned: video flashcards, sing-along songs, and chapter selections. “Meet the Letters™Â” is 40 minutes and “Meet the Numbers™Â” and “Meet the Shapes™Â” are both 30 minutes.

Using bright, bold colorful animation, humorous characters and a gentle repetitive style, Preschool Prep Company™ introduces letters, numbers and shapes through memorable visuals — sure to engage even the youngest of viewers!

“Meet the Letters™Â” has already won the Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence, Creative Child Magazine’s 2005 Preferred Choice Award and the Dove Foundation Family Approval – “5 dove rating” (out of 5). “Meet the Numbers™Â” was honored with the iParenting Media Award, Creative Child Magazine’s 2005 Preferred Choice Award, the Film Advisory Board’s Award of Excellence and The Dove Foundation Family Approval – “5 dove rating” (out of 5).

Most people think children are not capable of learning letters and numbers at such a young age, but the opposite is true. For young children, learning is an instinct.

“When children learn to talk, they are very good at matching names with objects, provided that they are curious about those objects,” says Oxley. “That’s why little kids are able to identify exotic animals. If we make them curious about letters, they will learn letters, both upper and lowercase, even if they can’t yet speak. It’s the same with numbers and shapes. They’re just ‘animals’ of a different kind. Once that curiosity kicks in, children will learn. And because they are learning via their developing speech pathways, the whole process happens naturally!”

Oxley explains the importance of early alphabet instruction at length in her forthcoming book, Teaching Letters Earlier. Her bottom line is that kids can and should learn the alphabet, along with the thousands of other words they hear everyday, as they begin to speak. Then, during the preschool years, these children will be able to explore letters on their own. Letter knowledge is the foundation.    Â“It’s about providing a set of vital tools so when children are ready to use them, they can,” says Oxley.

During the summer of 2004, Preschool Prep Company™ conducted a study to test the theory that babies and toddlers can learn letters while they are learning to speak. Participants ranging from 12 months to 4 years of age watched “Meet the Letters™Â” daily for two months.    Many learned their letters in less than two weeks. By the end of the study, 90% had complete upper and lowercase recognition. Most impressive, nearly 70% of children under 24 months mastered the alphabet.

Preschool Prep Company™ DVDs take an innovative approach by providing only content that’s age-appropriate for the developing brain. Gone is the fluff found in other educational videos—things like classical music and complex narrative—that just don’t work. The results are streamlined and entertaining tools that young children enjoy while they learn.

Preschool Prep Company™, LLC was formed to research and develop tools that help educate children in their early years. The company is dedicated to helping children develop a strong foundation with which to learn how to read. Preschool Prep Series™ products include several lift-the-flap books, board books, and other early learning products. To order Preschool Prep Company products, please call toll free 866-451-5600 or visit

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