Reversing the Standard: Environmentally Conscious Postcard Marketer Saves More Trees

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A Marketing MogulÂ?s ongoing effort to save more trees continues by recycling her companyÂ?s printing waste to the tune of 4,046 trees saved a year and growing.

Fi books you can read about an entire planet’s reclamation project in progress where waste is recycled to benefit the environment. There are a growing number of business leaders on Planet Earth that are more conscious of what needs to be done to ensure that the planet gets back what it gives out. Joy Gendusa, founder and owner of PostcardMania, is on that growing roster. At her printing facility, she recycles postcards to the tune of 238 tons per year and climbing.

In June 2005, Joy Gendusa announced that she had switched her postcard paper to Kallima , a post-consumer waste product distributed by New Leaf Paper ( which cost $50 grand more per year that PostcardMania ( absorbed instead of feeding it to their customers. That switchover enabled them to save 1200 trees per year.

As of July 2005, with a new recycling program in place using Accurate Paper Recycling, Inc. (, she has been able to recycle 476,690 pounds of paper equating to 238 tons of paper or in “tree-terms” that equals 4,046 trees saved per year. The combined projects are saving a total of 5,246 trees per year.

Earth’s statistics are scary: According to the Taipei Times, there is a loss of 14.6 million hectares of forests every year -- an area almost four times the area of Switzerland. To put it in another perspective, one hectare is 2,471 acres.

America is part of that statistic. Save America’s Forests ( in Washington D.C. states on their web site that 95% of America’s original forests were logged during the past 200 years citing the U.S. Forest Service clearcutting down millions of acres of National Forests and selling off the logs to international timber corporations.

One thing for sure is that all the deforestation leaves our future generations with a nasty problem to solve. Businesses, like PostcardMania, are stepping up and taking action to save America’s forests and the world.

“Small businesses want to grow. Direct Mail is one of the most cost-effective mediums to promote one’s business. But our planet also needs to prosper. Small businesses can see to it that they recycle – a little or a lot. It is time for a call-to-action,” Joy Gendusa stated. “As a small business owner, I call on every small businessman and businesswoman to step up to the plate and start helping America and consequently Planet Earth. Any individual person can actually make a difference if they really want to.”

About PostcardMania:

PostcardMania, founded by Joy Gendusa in 1998, is a full service direct mail postcard marketing company providing businesses with full service postcard direct mail marketing which includes graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services with free marketing advice.


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