Personal Assistants Recently Find Missing People In 2 Countries See Some Unorthodox Tips That Work Very Well To Locate Runaways Worldwide

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People who go missing come in several categories, those who lose their way, those who are abducted and those who are wannabe runaways. We may have a few good pointers on helping you find the one you are looking for who has disappeared without giving prior notice.

Missing? .. or .. Wannabe Missing?

Overview of the Missing Persons. The problem of missing children, teenagers, runaways as well as family members who without fore warning just decide to take an extended vacation, as in the fairly recent case of the runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, continues to plague North America and many countries Worldwide. The numbers of missing and exploited children increase each year, the instances of people who have just had enough and take a powder without giving notice has also increased. The impact of a missing child, wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend puts a great strain on family, friends and significantly drains the resources of local communities and all involved.

It goes without saying that everyone concerned in a missing persons case hopes that there was no foul play involved and that the missing person who may have just wandered off, eventually shows up somewhere and or returns voluntarily. Those who are at the receiving end of this kind of disappearance in most cases are the hardest hit ... in not knowing what happened.

Worldezbiz Has Been Successful In Locating 2 People But .....

Usually we will not quote on this type of requirement but with some exceptions and special circumstances being; the subjects general location is known ... but where the subject cannot be contacted through regular channels, or where the subject does not wish to respond, we can hand deliver a personal message from you. In some other instances we can provide you with a detailed photo / video report from the subject’s location which of course would include a clear view of the subject in question. In the case of a run away, i.e.; husband, wife, adult child, other family member, girlfriend or boyfriend who's general whereabouts is known we can only provide photo / video proof and contact you with the details which would be your responsibility to follow up on.


Here are a few pointers to help you find a runaway or a wannabe missing person, as we ourselves use some of these slightly unorthodox methods to our advantage, providing the town or city location of the runaway is generally known.

(a). Knowing a persons lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes is the start, knowing what a person will gravitate towards, what they would never consider doing is the key.

(b). In the case of a younger runaway who may be streetwise and comfortable hanging out with the pins, needles and the nose rings crowd, we would recommend doing a little blending in to get some very leading and helpful information.

By blending in we don't mean dying your hair and getting a piercing, but rather spreading some cash among the most studious of the street crowd as was with one of our recent successful retrievals in Canada.

A Worldezbiz personal assistant in Montreal Canada located a 17 year old wannabe runaway girl from New Brunswick Canada. Without talking to the street crowd, spreading a few photos and cash, this girl if not found would have suffered a very hard winter living out of a cardboard box. Pasting wanted posters on sign posts may not work ... a lot of talking to people gives you the best shot.

(c). And in the case of our runaway bride, we discovered that she frequently (before getting married) enjoyed traveling to Holland on vacations and in particular to Scheveningen a quaint little resort town. Yes! she was there (not hard to find) and living it up with we presume, some old local friends. Here is a good example of knowing ones (previous) lifestyle, likes and other preferences.

Things to consider, younger people tend to go towards what they know and are comfortable or towards the current trend, as in where others have gone and spread the word. Canada in particular has a few popular runaway destinations, (far west) Vancouver, (mid west) Calgary and those from the east gravitate towards either Toronto or Montreal ... each of these cities has it's own particular flavor and if you know your runaways character, you could pretty much narrow down their location.

In Holland it would be Amsterdam a favorite for many North Americans, in Spain it would be Barcelona, the New York of Europe ... and so the list goes on for the most popular easy to hide in cities. This all may sound over simplified, but our personal assistants know this to be true and very visible ... if you know where to look.

Unless a person is a loner, in most cases we can discover pretty quickly if a missing person is in a city or not, providing we have certain key details about the person and their (most likely) possible whereabouts, there is a good chance that our personal assistants can latch on to some viable leads. The younger the subject is, and the sooner one starts looking, the better the chances will be that they can be found, as is in the case with the Amber Alert ... the sooner the better.

Worldwide People Go Missing And Some Just Don't Want To Be Found

Authorities in general keep their eyes open for runaways, we on the other hand go out and aggressively search for them, which does not mean we will locate them, but it will mean that they are most probably not where you thought they may be.

If our team of assistants can be of any help in putting your doubts to rest, please let us know by visiting;

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