Finding Missing People And Runaways Tips That Work, But We Have Some Conditions

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SPECIAL UPDATE NOTICE to the readers of our press release regarding Missing Persons and Runaways.

In 2 Countries See Some Unorthodox Tips That Work Very Well To Locate Runaways Worldwide.

In response to numerous inquiries for assistance following our press release of September 1, 2005 entitled, 'Personal Assistants Recently Find Missing People "In 2 Countries See Some Unorthodox Tips That Work Very Well To Locate Runaways Worldwide."

Please see:

A great majority of requests have been by those who are in search of people who seem to have gone missing in Mexico City and other areas in Mexico due to Parental Child Abductions originating in and from the United States.

Unfortunately in these types of missing persons cases, we cannot legally intervene in any way. We cannot detain anyone against their will nor can we even force them to return or contact those who have reported them missing. What we will do in these types of cases, is notify a local Social Services agency or child protection services organization.

What we can do when we locate a runaway or missing person is the following:

(a). We will immediately notify you of the persons exact location.

(b). We can deliver a message to the person if you wish them to contact you.

(c). We can advise local police and authorities if you want us to as your last resort.

(d). We can provide you with photos and videos of the persons location, situation and other ...

(e). We can remain in close proximity to the person until you or someone arrives.

(f). We will follow your instructions to the limits of our authority.

(g). In the case of an Amber Alert situation, we will notify you and the proper authorities.

(h). In some foreign countries, it may be advisable that we only notify you.

Runaways have chosen to do so for various reasons, other than for the reason of just wanting to take off, there may be other more serious issues involved such as sexual abuse, family violence, violence against women, domestic violence, forced marriages and the list goes on.

Different countries have their own rules as to what is acceptable or not as far as legally married couples and children are concerned. We also believe that certain religious beliefs play a great role as to the rights of men and women in certain countries. Should you contract us to locate a missing person or runaway, please inform us of any special conditions or situations that may exist.

Locating and contacting a runaway in India or Saudi Arabia will have a different set of circumstances than making contact with someone in Canada, United States or even parts of Europe. Domestic violence is always wrong, but some countries unfortunately put much less of an importance on this issue offering women little or no protection.

In most countries if a woman is being battered either emotionally or physically the authorities can step in before the situation takes a turn for the worse. In some other countries you'll hear yelling, screaming and breaking of things which to the other locals is just part of daily life ... unfortunate but true, borne out by the police just warning them to keep the noise down.

Please advise us if you know of any such situations when you request our service, doing so will make things easier to handle for all parties concerned.

Helping you responsibly:

We must be very cautious when we reunite people, and take into account all these possible areas of concern. In the case of missing persons located who are under the legal age (adult), in all cases we will advise the proper authorities in the area.

Child abductions are a sensitive issue which may have many legal ramifications; therefore we will always err on the side of caution and safety and notify you as well as the authorities!

In all cases we will proceed in a responsible and professional manner for both parties concerned.

Please see more details at:

People Helping People

Thank You!


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