Survival Expert and Mountain Climber, Cheryl Perlitz, Shares Important Survival Tips to Prepare You and Your Family For Unexpected Disaster

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Survival expert and mountain climber discusses how to use the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina as a wake-up-call for all of us. Cheryl will provide 'survival tips' that will help you to be prepared emotionally, physically, and intellectually before sudden disaster strikes you and your family.

Tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides…there doesn’t seem to be any end to them. Most of us watch these catastrophic events flash across our TV screens, as we sit cozily wrapped in soft blankets on our couches, feeling helpless and thinking how lucky we are that it’s not about us. The truth is it could be any of us in the blink of an eye.

Natural disasters are a part of life. They happen randomly and usually with no warning. They are a slap in the face for the people experiencing them, and a wake up call for the rest of us.

The Department of Homeland Security has declared September ‘National Preparedness Month’. The focus is to educate people to have evacuation plans, have a disaster supply kit on hand, learn about community efforts and be informed about threats.

It is our responsibility to listen to our wake up calls and prepare in ALL ways to be ready if disaster strikes us and our families.

Cheryl is a survival expert, mountain climber, and author of "Soaring Through Setbacks…Rise Above Adversity and Reclaim Your Life." She shares a unique perspective on how to prepare your life for disaster; emotionally, intellectually and physically:    

  • Make sure you have your affairs in order. Make a list of all your financial information: lock box contents, important papers, contacts for insurance companies, bank account numbers, family birth certificates, etc. Make sure your family knows where all those things are and can access them with keys and passwords.

  • Organize family pictures, make copies, distribute them to your family members. Losing your pictures is like losing your identity.
  • Send copies of all important papers to a relative or good friend living in a different location: wills, investment papers, mortgage papers, etc.
  • Make a list of contents of your home that have personal value. Take pictures of them in case you ever need them for insurance purposes.
  • Nurture your relationships… hug your children… tell people that you love them.    Spend time with family and friends. Those people are the keys to your happiness and survival. Give back and share the precious gifts you have: especially the gift of ‘you’. Then you will live forever.
  • Be prepared:

Physically…    be fit and healthy

Emotionally… have a support group and practice    positive attitude

Intellectually… know what to do if disaster strikes, and know everything you can about     what is going on around you

  • Do things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t….yet! Think about a few things that would make you feel sad if they were never done….And do them now.
  • Notice, preserve and appreciate your environment. Don’t litter, pollute, smoke, or waste. Enjoy our natural resources.
  • Lighten your load. Get rid of all the extra ‘stuff’ you have. Organize your life. Determine your ‘needs’ versus your ‘wants’. Relax and appreciate simple things.

If you would like to hear more about this topic, and/or more detailed SURVIVAL TIPS for transforming challenges into opportunities contact Cheryl Perlitz.

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Cheryl Perlitz is the author of the inspirational book "Soaring Through Setbacks - Rise above adversity - Reclaim your life" and “Soaring through Setbacks….Survival Tips Handbook’ As a dynamic speaker and facilitator, her inspiring, fun and motivational stories help listeners and readers to "transform their mountains into opportunities for adventure and positive change."

Cheryl is not a therapist, or medical doctor. She does not have a Ph.D. or an advanced degree in psychological theory. She is a regular person, like most of us. She is a sought after talk show guest because of her easy casual style, her ability to tell wonderful stories that the listeners and readers can relate to, and her understanding and compassion for others.


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