Green Tea and Hoodia Weight Loss Shake Offers Low Glycemic Benefit

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WARP 9 Weight Loss Shakes Feature Amazing Glycemic Index Value

Americans are finding out a new way to lose weight by choosing foods low on the glycemic index. The glycemic index (GI) is a method of measuring blood sugar levels in regards to carbohydrate consumption. It not only measures how much your blood sugar level increases, but also how quickly. Foods containing carbohydrates are measured on a scale of 1 to 100, giving each food its own glycemic index value.

The weight loss benefit of eating low glycemic food is that you release less of the fat storage hormone insulin, which is required to lower blood sugar. With less free floating insulin in our bloodstream our ability to metabolize fats is increased and weight loss is the result.

DynaPure Nutrition, a New Jersey based dietary supplement company, has introduced an innovative, first of its kind, low glycemic weight loss shake that features multiple benefits to the consumer.

WARP 9 Weight Loss Shakes achieve a low glycemic value by featuring no added sugars and utilizing several key ingredients. Some of these ingredients include the beneficial 5 grams of fiber per serving and 21 grams of dairy source proteins that are absorbed at different rates to prolong digestion and reduce appetite. Beside losing weight, another benefit of a low glycemic food product is that it supports healthy blood sugar.

DynaPure Nutrition formulator Pete Maletto said, “Besides being low glycemic, we also included Hoodia Extract and Glutamine to help reduce appetite and curb cravings even further. The shake is also designed to be low in calories all while boosting metabolism with a special green tea extract high in EGCG, a first in a nutrition weight loss shake.”

EGCG polyphenols that are contained in green tea benefit weight loss by helping the body to burn fat. This is achieved by increasing body heat (thermogenesis), which results in burning more calories through the day. EGCG from green tea is gaining popularity as a safe, effective weight loss ingredient and has been clinically studied for this benefit.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded: "Consumption of green tea produced thermogenesis and increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation" in humans. One study in Switzerland found that drinking the equivalent of 2-3 cups of green tea daily caused the participants to burn 80 extra calories each day. This is due to the EGCG polyphenol content in green tea, scientists say.

Hoodia gordoniii extract, also included in the shake in a highly concentrated form has been clinically shown to reduce appetite. This is achieved with a specific component in Hoodia called P57, a glycoside that positively affects satiety, or fullness, which occurs in the brain, telling us to stop eating.

Cindy Fennen of Atlanta, GA said she started using the WARP 9 Weight Loss shakes as a strategic way to curb nightime cravings but was more surprised at how great the shakes tasted. ”When I first bought the shakes I was amazed that they really did taste like melted ice cream, but the real benefit I found was that they are a convenient way to grab a meal or snack that is good nutrition. They really helped me curb my nighttime cravings which I really think that was the reason I lost 8 pounds in just a few weeks with it.”

Dan Maiullo, President of DynaPure Nutrition said, “We are receiving calls from users all over telling us how they lost weight and how great they feel on the product. I’m really proud to carry such a product that combines so many weight loss benefits in one package, and I feel this innovative product could help alot of people lose weight fast.”


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