Horizon Technical Consulting Announces Wireless Realtime in the Courtroom

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The StenoCast X7 Courtroom model will be officially unveiled at the Courtroom Technology Conference Â? CTC9 Â? held in Seattle on September 13-15, 2005.

Horizon Technical Consulting announces the release of the StenoCast X7 Courtroom model, specifically designed for use in any courtroom utilizing the services of a court reporter writing realtime. The StenoCast X7 allows for up to seven clients (for example, the judge and six attorneys) to receive a court reporter's wireless realtime transcription, encrypted and password protected, anywhere within 300 feet of the X7 unit. The X7 Courtroom model will be officially unveiled at the Courtroom Technology Conference –CTC9 – held in Seattle on September 13 – 15, 2005.

Many attorneys have indicated that many high-tech courtrooms have become difficult to operate in during trial with the advent of multiple computer systems, projectors and other equipment, all occupying valuable desk space, and almost all utilizing power cords and serial cables which are strewn throughout the courtroom. Courtroom technology is here to stay, but courtroom security and functionality are equally important.

The StenoCast X7 Courtroom model provides the courtroom participants, judges, attorneys and the press, with wireless realtime without the security risks associated with attorneys or others utilizing the court's network or connecting to the internet. By utilizing a stand-alone system for wireless realtime and using the Bluetooth protocols for connectivity, the StenoCast X7 wireless realtime system has effectively bypassed the "lost connection" or "dropped connection" issues that continue to plague WiFi because of interference from other devices.

Courtroom security is more than the elimination of theft of the wireless signals or hackers gaining access to the court's computer systems. Removing the danger of dangling serial cables draped throughout a courtroom not only make the courtroom safer, but is a considerable cost savings as well when you factor in the costs associated with setting up and breaking down the cabling necessary to provide realtime to clients.

The StenoCast X7 provides a cable-free wireless realtime system that requires no internet connection, no network hookups, no IT involvement, and practically no technical knowledge beyond being able to turn a switch from "off" to "on."

Judges love the functionality, simplicity and reliability of the StenoCast X7, but court administrators are pleasantly surprised at how affordable the X7 wireless realtime system is. As Judge Jay Moody indicated, "I purchased the StenoCast X7 and four receivers for my courtroom last year. They have worked exceptionally well and were affordable even by state court standards. They have proved to be maintenance free and reliable. I would strongly recommend them to anyone needing to set up a wireless realtime network."

The court reporter connects directly into the X7. The StenoCast X7 is compatible with all versions of court reporter CAT software. The StenoCast X7 then transmits wirelessly the court reporter's realtime translation simultaneously to up to seven wireless clients using any litigation-support software. The StenoCast X7 is compatible with all versions of litigation-support software, including RealLegal's Binder, LiveNote and Summation. Attorneys or judges simply plug the wireless receiver into their computer, select the COM port and they're ready to receive wireless realtime.

Freedom of movement inside the courtroom has its benefits, too. Gone forever are the days of seating assignments determined by the placement of serial cables.

No, the wireless transmission is not flying around waiting to be intercepted by anyone who wants it. The court reporter's transcription is encrypted and password protected. You determine who does and who does not receive the wireless feed.

The StenoCast X7 Courtroom model will be unveiled at the Court Technology Conference 9, CTC9, in Seattle on September 13, 2005. Preorders will be accepted beginning September 10, 2005. For further information you may visit the StenoCast website at http://www.stenocast.com or by calling their toll-free number at 800.836.9372.

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