Cold Seat™ Keeps Kids Safe from Car Seat Dangers in the Heat

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Innovative Product Offers Parents an Easy Way to Protect Infants and Children from Dangerous Heat During Baby Safety Month.

– September is “Baby Safety Month,” a month of infant and child safety awareness sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). During this important month, many retailers will be featuring the Cold Seat™, an innovative product designed to keep a child’s car seat from becoming dangerously hot while inside a parked car. The Cold Seat™ can prevent burns, blisters and discomfort caused by overheated fabric, belts and buckles attached to a car safety seat.

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine found that temperatures inside a parked vehicle can escalate by more than 40° Fahrenheit per hour, regardless of the outside temperature, making the Cold Seat™ a necessity not just in summertime, but at any time when the sun is shining outside a parked car. The study, published in the July issue of Pediatrics, found that even when outside temperatures were as cool as 70°, a vehicle’s interior could become dangerously hot. For example, on typical 100 plus degree day, it only takes 15 minutes for a vehicle’s internal temperatures to reach 170 degrees.

“Babies and young children have very delicate skin,” noted Libby Hunt, M.D., a Valley pediatrician and a mother. “The belts and buckles and even the fabric on most car safety seats can easily burn children if allowed to touch the skin immediately after heating up in a closed, parked car.”

The Cold Seat™ is a simply designed solution to the dangers posed by overheated car seats, and a boon for parents tired of hot-day whining about car rides. Invented by Phoenix mom, Shari Griffin, The Cold Seat™ is a seat cover that features six strategically placed polar ice packs inside a fun printed fabric cover that is durable and 100% machine washable. The Cold Seat™ is kept in the freezer, rolled up, until ready for use. Prior to placing a child in a car seat that has been left in the sun, parents lay the Cold Seat™ over the child’s car seat, cooling down fabric, belts and buckles in a matter of seconds to eliminate the possibility of burns and discomfort. Once the seat is cool, the Cold Seat™ is rolled back up and stored in the car in a shady spot for later use, and the child can be placed in the car seat.

The Cold Seat™ is available in four different fun fabric designs with more choices coming soon, and the cover can be removed for easy cleaning in the washing machine. There are six individual cold packs, which allow the Cold Seat™ to stay colder longer when stored in the car. The Cold Seat™ will stay cold for several hours in extreme heat if rolled up and stored in a shady spot in the car. To keep it cold longer, parents can store Cold Seat™ in an insulated cooler in the trunk. The seat features a quilted bottom to prevent condensation from wetting car seats, and is designed to work with every car safety seat on the market.


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