Digital Surveillance and Security Cameras: Key To Protecting Water Sites, Dams, Ports and other Public Areas

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Vigilance is the answer to the modern threat of terrorism and what we do now can go a long way in thwarting terrorist plans to harm us.

Vigilance is the answer to the modern threat of terrorism and what we do now can go a long way in thwarting terrorist plans to harm us.

Protecting our water supply is one way we can protect our way of life, according to security expert Rob Kimmons. A former police officer with the Houston Police Department, he's now president of the Houston-based Kimmons Security Services Inc.

"An alarm system can monitor the perimeter, doors and windows of our water storage and distribution systems," Kimmons says. "Coupled with a digital recorder, motion sensors, and transmitting live video thru DSL or other high speed lines, law enforcement authorities can be alerted anytime an intruder attempts to enter a restricted area, such as a water site. Sites can be remotely monitored 24/7."

These systems are extremely reliable and maintenance costs are low. "Though the system does not require security personnel, it still provides 24/7 emergency protection of our water sites as well as other important sites," he says. "Installation costs are also quite reasonable considering the degree of security such a system provides."

This same type of system, using digital video and audio monitoring, can provide additional surveillance and monitoring of the facilities of those companies that do not have the staff, expertise or budget to maintain an internal response capability, Kimmons says.

"Not only can this digital monitoring system help protect the investment of smaller companies from everyday criminals but also from the threat of terrorists."

For some years, the British capital London has been rigged up with one of the world's most comprehensive closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems which have allowed police to track and catch countless criminals, Kimmons says.

According to a recent university study, which estimated a total of seven million CCTV cameras in Britain, each Londoner is filmed on average 300 times per day.

It's time for the US to catch up with others and take advantage of the hi-tech security solutions that are available, Kimmons says.

For more information about how your business can become more vigilant, check out Kimmons website at or call him at (281) 679-0070.

Rob Kimmons is a former law enforcement officer and Homeland Security Expert. He is available as a media security consultant to add the local angle to national stories. To pre-arrange appearances, please call (281) 679-0070.


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