VoIP E911 Update: TUFONE Adds i-911 Safety Response Centers

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Tufone, Inc., a leader in VOIP providing unlimited international phone calls at very reduced prices has joined HBF Group, Inc., North AmericaÂ?s E911 technology leader, to solve 911 problem facing VOIP telephone providers (voice over internet providers).

In a recent ruling, the FCC has ordered that all VoIP providers to have E9-1-1 working effectively before the end of November. Tufone will have a complete E9-1-1 solution within that time frame. Until a complete e911 solution is operation, HBF Group along with Tufone and a handful of VOIP companies have implemented an immediate solution for a better 9-1-1 services for consumers.

The i-911 VoIP solution Tufone, Inc.’s customers are using was designed by HBF and programmed into the Tufone system by Joao Vianna, VP of R&D and Andre Simoes, VP of IT. The system now routes 9-1-1 calls directly to the i-911 Safety Response Centers where they are answered by a live operator who will verify the caller’s location and route the call to the correct Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) while staying on the phone with the caller to confirm that help is received.

The i-911 Safety Response Centers, which are located throughout Canada and the U.S., are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and support multiple languages. A Service Provider can choose to have 9-1-1 calls from subscribers go directly to a live Safety Response Center operator. This is particularly important for nomadic users who change the location of their VoIP device, but may not have updated their current location information. It is also a benefit for subscribers who have not opted-in for 9-1-1 service since they can be routed directly to the i-911 Safety Response Center.

“The FCC’s order for E-911 firmly established the future growth for VOIP telephone technology in the United States. No longer will there be any significant difference from VOIP companies to the traditional landline companies, such as Verizon, except in the lower costs and more complete services provided by the VOIP companies, states Moses Apsan, President of Tufone, Inc.

Tufone and HBF are members of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). HBF is partnering with NENA on its Next Generation E9-1-1 Program, which is focused on upgrading North America’s 9-1-1 systems by implementing next-generation technologies, procedures and best practices.

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Tufone, Inc. is an industry leader in unlimited international telephone plans. With excellent customer service attending in Portuguese, Spanish and English, Tufone was the first VOIP Company to provide multi-lingual accessibility in the United States, taking away any doubt that a customer could have. Tufone promises to make a switch from the old-fashion land based system to the new standard of the Internet a very easy one.


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