How To Do a Joint Venture on eBay

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A new way to use eBay allows entrepreneurs to eliminate competition, risk, rules, eBay fees, shipping and theft from other sellers, while building income streams that can endure for years.

When trying to sell on eBay, thousands of frustrated sellers give up due to overwhelming competition, uncertainty about what to sell, outright copy theft from lazy competitors and low margins coupled with eBay and Paypal fees that drain profits.

A new audio~visual class and ebook, "How To Do A Joint Venture On eBay", teaches entrepreneurs how to combine a timeless marketing concept - the Joint Venture - with the power of Ebay. Online merchants can now take advantage of the millions of eBay buyers without advertising a single product or mailing a single box. A Joint Venture seller is invisible and thus has no competition.

The advantages of doing Joint Ventures on eBay, and other auction sites, are:

  • Until now, to sell on eBay, an online merchant must post either an auction or a 'Buy It Now' listing or he must own an eBay store. With a Joint Venture, a seller never has to post on eBay.
  • A JV merchant can sell to customers of established sellers and therefore make money without a single customer of his own.
  • One complaint of many sellers is that as soon as they find a profitable way of doing business on eBay, they are immediately copied by dozens of other sellers. Sometimes their listing is even duplicated word-for-word while pictures are frequently stolen. Joint Venture marketers have no such concerns because competitors do not know what they are doing and therefore can't copy them.
  • Because a Joint Venture entrepreneur is not listing products, there are no eBay or Paypal fees. This reduction in overhead results in greater profits for the vendor.
  • eBay sellers live or die based on the eBay ''feedback'' system. Negative feedback can literally kill an eBay business overnight while low feedback scores scare off potential buyers, especially if the product for sale is expensive. Joint Venture sellers are totally unconcerned about feedback because they aren't directly selling on eBay.
  • eBay and PayPal have a multitude of rules. Even totally honest and sincere sellers occasionally receive "nastygrams" from eBay simply because it's tough to know every single policy and rule. Joint Venture sellers, however, do not need to be concerned because eBay has no authority over them or their actions and they are answerable only to their customers.
  • A successful Powerseller on eBay deals with hundreds or even thousands of buyers. Administration is expensive and time consuming. Joint Venture sellers, however, are dealing with only a handful of eBay sellers rather than thousands of individuals.
  • A typical eBay Joint Venture uses a digital product that can be downloaded directly from the Net. This eliminates the need for shipping products and can be put on autopilot using inexpensive autoresponders.
  • eBay's phenomenal success has resulted in millions of competing sellers. In many categories, prices get slashed to bare minimums in order to compete. The result is that no one can profitably sell. However, using the Joint Venture method there is no competition because the JV merchant is building a customer database for sales off eBay.
  • Many sellers have risked - and lost - hundreds or even thousands of dollars on eBay, simply because they don't understand how to do their homework before diving into auction selling. The only risk involved in a Joint Venture is a few hours of time. Joint Ventures can literally be completed with zero dollars.
  • Best of all a Joint Venture seller not only builds a mailing list of interested customers he can sell to repeatedly, he also gets paid for doing it. The usual eBay transaction is a one-time sale whereas the JV method offers potential profits for years.

With its 147,000,000 registered users, eBay is the biggest and cheapest source of traffic on the Internet. Successfully completing Joint Venture deals allows Internet sellers to add huge numbers of targeted buyers to their customer database in an inexpensive and efficient manner.

For additional information on "How To Do A Joint Venture On eBay" (or for a sample copy), contact Sydney Johnston, author and copyright owner.

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