Clear Your Clutter And Help Hurricane Katrina Victims

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TheyÂ?ve lost everything they own. You own a lot of stuff you donÂ?t use and itÂ?s cluttering up your home. Feng Shui Diva! Robyn Bentley, a feng shui consultant and author of "Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home," suggests Americans transform their clutter into cash to help hurricane Katrina victims.

You’ve seen image after image of the disaster and you’ve cried. You want to help but you have a limited amount of money to give. Then think about it this way. Thousands of hurricane Katrina victims have nothing. Close your eyes and imagine your home is completely empty as if you had nothing either. Open your eyes and look at all the stuff that’s cluttering up your home. Now think about what you actually need and what you could live without like CDs you don‘t listen to, books you‘ve finished, DVDs you don‘t watch, video games you don‘t play anymore, software, cameras, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, etc. You can take the things you don’t use or don’t really need and turn them into money to benefit the American Red Cross or other relief organizations. So even if you’re strapped for cash you probably have some valuable things cluttering up your home that can be used to help disaster victims.

In addition to helping the hurricane victims, clearing your clutter will help you too. After you clear your clutter, your home will feel more positive and so will you. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1) Make A Date With Your Clutter.

Be serious about getting rid of clutter. Set a day to start. Be reasonable with yourself about just how much you can accomplish. Give yourself a set amount of time to accomplish it.

2) Start Small.

A big room might be too overwhelming so start with something small, like a drawer. Take it easy and do one thing, finish it, and then do another small thing.

3) Organize Your Stuff.

Divide the big project of clearing clutter into smaller, more manageable clutter projects. Make a “to do” list and check off each thing you finish. Have separate bags or boxes for (1) borrowed items (2) things to sell for hurricane relief (3) gifts you’ll give to others (4) garbage.

4) Reward yourself with something when you finish.

Transforming Your Clutter Into Cash

There are a couple of ways to use your clutter for hurricane relief. You can sell your items on eBay and donate the proceeds to the American Red Cross or other relief groups. eBay has a special Giving Works program for charity listings where people can buy items that support nonprofit organizations. The items you auction will be grouped with other items that are specifically being auctioned to help charities. And shoppers can search for items that are being auctioned to help charities. Complete instructions for listing items for charity are online at Millions of people shop on eBay so you are more likely to connect with a buyer and get more money for your items than you would from yard sale shoppers in your neighborhood. But if you are unable to auction items online you can help out the old fashioned way by having a yard sale and donating the proceeds to the Red Cross or other relief organizations. You can also combine your items with friends and family and have a neighborhood, civic association or church sale. Another way to put your clutter to good use is to donate your items to a Salvation Army Thrift Store or other charity that provides relief to disaster victims.

Let’s get busy America. There’s money in that clutter. So clear your clutter and help raise money for the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Feng Shui Diva. Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of "Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home." She can be reached through her Website

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