Move Over Uncle Sam and Thank You; Mom and Dad Will Take It From Here

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Mom and Dad demand the right to laboratory drug test their own children without government bureaucracy. In a brave attempt to help American families fight their personal "War on Drugs," one Internet site now offers parents confidential and affordable laboratory drug testing.

Hooray for the red, white and blue parents of America who are finally declaring their own war on drugs. Parents from across the nation – Canada too – are fighting the drug war in their own backyard with family drug testing perhaps their most effective weapon.

Family drug testing was almost impossible until the turn of this century because drug test devices, designed and FDA-cleared "for professional use," were not available to them. Not even for parents who wanted to test their children. Not even for children who desperately sought help from their parents. Somehow this made sense to the U.S. government. A family's only drug testing option was through a physician – not an inexpensive or quick solution.

The FDA now sanctions drug testing "for personal use" as long as the test kit meets performance standards and includes a "Step-by-Step for Dummies," typical legalese, and a pre-paid laboratory test option to confirm "positive" test results – which can be wrong up to about 8 percent of the time. Home drug test manufacturers include the costly laboratory option at the customer's expense, whether or not the option is needed or used. A few years ago a home drug test kit that screened for five common recreational substances became available over the counter with a price tag of about $30. A single marijuana home drug test kit sells for about $14.

Lately, a similar marijuana drug test device, without the fancy package sells across the Internet for about $3. The luxury of laboratory confirmation costs extra – if you need it, if you can afford it, and if you can find a lab that's willing to help you overcome Uncle Sam's bureaucracy.

And finally, an "a la carte" version of the sanctioned home drug test kit is available. sells the affordable drug test device with 24/7 toll-free support, for about $3. The laboratory testing is a "pay-as-you-go" option, purchased separately, with a test device, or not at all.

"Most of our customers have struggled for years with family addiction. And they don't need a laboratory to confirm what they already know or strongly suspect," said a company spokesman. "Their resources, tapped out a long time ago from rehabs and legal costs, simply no longer afford families the luxury of paying for something they don't need."

The drug war isn't pretty, with continued casualties inevitable. But with drug tests, communication and love in their arsenal, brave families are beginning to successfully fight their own battles. And who better to fight for a child's happiness than her own mom and dad? The families that understand all this surely hope one day to see Uncle Sam wearing a red, white and blue ribbon proclaiming the "Parents War on Drugs?"

Without a political or religious agenda, "The Professor" offers unique drug testing and substance information plus a complete line of quality drug test kits, laboratory testing, and the latest drug testing accessories. See or call toll-free from U.S. (1-866-838-5005), from Canada (877-269-6347).


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