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Learn from Experts for Free via live teleseminars on business, writing & publishing,, the site that connects readers with authors announces a whole host of free upcoming teleseminars by experts - experts who wrote the book.

Teleseminars are the latest thing since blogging. is capitalizing on the technology helping readers connect to authors by offering a series of free teleseminars.

" is the best place for readers to connect with authors thru teleseminars, virtual book signings and virtual tours. We just released our fall schedule of teleseminars and it's jam-packed with events for everybody, from individuals to businesses, from scrapbookers to seniors," said C.L. Kirk, site coordinator.

"We are excited to offer free seminars to the public, covering the gambit from how pick the right price for your goods and services, to how to achieve goals, to how to break into mystery writing, to how to increase your memory so you avoid those 'senior moments.'"

The concept is exceedingly simple. With just a phone and a web browser you can participate. No special technical knowledge is required. Just register a seminar, and then call in on the date designated. The site sends you reminders and each event is recorded.

"Technology is so confusing and most people don't have the time or patience to deal with elaborate 'web conferencing'. A phone and a web browser is all you need. You follow along with the slide presentation on the web,' explains Kirk. You call a ‘conference’ phone number at the designated time while watching the slide presentation from your web browser. You can ask questions via email, chat or the phone during the seminar. 'The great thing is you can learn something in the comfort of home while in your pajamas!"

But no sales pitches here. 'We promote the author's book before and after the seminar and provide special discounts on the book, but we make sure each speaker understands the important thing is to teach the attendees at least three things to take with them. It's amazing what you can learn in one phone call.”

'We realize the potential of this merging of technologies early on with our first seminar on scrapbooking by Angie Pedersen, author of 'The Book of Me'. 95 people signed up. The attendees commented they loved the direct contact. ‘Mary McAvoy, agrees. 'This was the first time I had ever tried this format so I thought it was great. I am a big fan of Angie's books but I am not likely to get to one of her seminars as I am in a rural area in Canada.'

If you're an author, publicist, publisher who would like to offer a seminar, contact C. L. Kirk directly at or 877-552-7200. To register go to

Upcoming Seminars:

How much should I charge?

Teleseminar on Pricing Products & Services

Audience: Small businesses, consultants, sales people

Presenter: Ellen Rohr author of How Much Should I Charge?: Pricing Basics For Making Money Doing What You Love, available at & ISBN 0966571916

Ever wonder why some businesses stay in business and make a tidy profit while others flounder? It's not just quality, but also the price. How you price your goods and services determines how much profit you make. Many are intimidated to charge the right price. Don't be one of them. In this one hour seminar you'll learn how to price your goods and services for maximum profitability.

Remember More! Forget Less!

Teleseminar on How to Fight Those Senior Moments & Remember More

Audience: Individuals, Sales people, Trainers, Seniors, Students

Presenter: Dr. Bill Klemm, Author of Thank You Brain for All You Do available at and
ISBN 0975522507


Starting to forget the little things? Are you a student who 'freezes' on tests, or a sales person who has to remember client names, and details? Getting older and feel embarrassed by failing memory? People judge how smart you are by how much you can remember. Everyone can increase their memory by learning a few key techniques. In this lively seminar, Dr. Bill Klemm, aka 'Memory Medic', and noted memory expert and author of the book, ‘Thank You Brain for All You Remember,’ shows you techniques to increase memory power.

Sixty Seconds to Success

Teleseminar on How to Become Successful

Audience: Business people, stay at home moms, sales people, seniors

Presenter: Edward Smith author of 60 Seconds to Success available at and ISBN 0975416405


Success - Most people think it takes years to become successful. But Ed Smith shows you how in just sixty seconds each day you can learn to become successful. Ed will show you how to deal with rejection, handle setbacks, set your goals and really attain them, plus overcome procrastination, and move forward even when you don't feel like it. You’ll learn to focus when distractions abound. Just 60 seconds each day and you’ll find success.

'Go Scrap Yourself' - Including Yourself in Your Memories

Recorded Seminar: How to Include You in Your Scrapbook Projects

Audience: Scrapbookers & crafters

Presenter: Angie Pedersen, author of The Book of Me available at and ISBN 1930500084


Renown scrapbook expert and author of The Book of Me, Angie Pedersen conducted a two-hour teleseminar showing you how to put a positive light on your own memories!

Bob Avey's Mystery Writer's Seminar

Teleseminar on how to write and publish mystery novels

Audience: Anyone who wants to write a novel

Presenter: Boby Avey, author of Twisted Perception, available at and ISBN 1589822714


Bob Avey, master of quirky characters and mysteries with plot twists and turns will guide you thru how to write and publish a mystery novel. You'll learn how to develop different types of mysteries and understand the importance of characters. You’ll learn how to make characters believable, write so backdrops and settings seem real, and develop the proper plot and structure so your novel flows effortlessly. You'll learn how Avey 'got published' and his secrets to getting people to read his novel.

NOTE: Media outlets, bloggers, readers - permission granted to republish or forward edited or unedited to your newspapers, blogs, ezines, etc.

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