The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow Helps Moms Overcome Challenges with Breastfeeding

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Mom-Invented: First nursing product to address need for breast support; holds breast in position for hands-free nursing. Udderly Yours invites ABC Kids Expo Media Attendees to view this industry-first product at; founder and mom-inventor also available to give insight on the invention.

GREAT FALLS, VA September 9, 2005 -- Udderly Yours™, which develops products based on common needs of mothers, officially launches the first of its Mom-Invented products - the Udderly Yours Breast Pillow. This product was designed by a mom, Udderly Yours Founder Anita Jamshidi, to make nursing a much simpler and hands-free process. The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow is a crescent-shaped cushion made of high density memory foam that supports and positions the breast upward so that moms do not feel the need to physically hold their breast while trying to feed their baby.

A Common Problem for the Common Mom:

The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow is designed for larger breasted women, as well as women with average sized breasts that are deflated - a common scenario after multiple births. In both cases, nursing can be an extremely challenging and frustrating endeavor as it requires moms to physically support their breast up during feeding making it hard to focus on bonding with the baby and impossible to multi-task by attending to another child or even taking a phone call. When dealing with these forces of gravity, these moms must constantly adjust or hold their breast to provide the best position for their baby. This makes nursing a tiresome, frustrating, and often painful to the wrist-based activity. The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow provides the most comfortable and optimal breast position for nursing, and finally gives moms relief and freedom to provide optimal nutrition for their baby.

Lactation Experts Laud the Udderly Yours Breast Pillow as the Missing Link - Finally a Replacement for the Rolled Up Towel:

The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow generated excitement as it was demonstrated to dozens of professional lactation consultants at the recent International Lactation Consultant Association [ILCA] Conference in Chicago, IL. - The largest U.S. lactation conference that draws consultants from around the world.

Lactation consultants help moms with their breastfeeding needs by teaching them the best techniques and ways to relax and bond with their baby. One of the most common challenges they witness - and this sentiment was echoed at the conference - is the frustration larger breasted women go through, as they have to hold their breast up while nursing so that their baby can latch on successfully. Many consultants recommend that moms roll up a towel to place under their breast for added support. This, however, has its own challenges since the towel does not always stay in place, may cause pressure, and still does not lift the breast to the best angle. The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow is the first product that addresses this very common, yet highly problematic issue, giving lactation consultants a solution to offer their clients.

Designed by and for Moms:

The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow was created by a mother of three children who nursed all three for the first year of their lives even though it was a very frustrating activity.

"When I was nursing my second child, I realized that unless I miraculously grew a third hand, this was going to be one of my most challenging activities in motherhood," said Anita Jamshidi, inventor of the Udderly Yours Breast Pillow and a mom to three children now three, six and seven years old. "After three children, the shape of my breasts changed significantly, requiring me to physically hold my breast up while nursing. I had two children to keep occupied while trying to nurse my newborn, but without a free hand, this was nearly impossible. Even though I was committed to nursing, I watched too many women give up because of their frustrations. I was determined to figure out a way to make nursing a more enjoyable and painless process so that moms wouldn’t give up. It was through these experiences that I developed this product in hopes of helping other moms persist and succeed with breastfeeding."

The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow is easy to use. Moms simply hold the crescent-shaped cushion in the palm of their hand, compress and position at the base of the breast, and release. The pillow will return to its original shape, lifting and supporting the breast for a more comfortable and hands-free nursing experience. It also comes with a water-resistant, removable cover that can be machine-washed.

Pillow Impresses Retailers:

"I really love the concept of the Udderly Yours Breast Pillow as a way to create a more comfortable nursing position for moms," said Felina Rakowski-Gallagher, owner of New York City’s first breastfeeding boutique, The Upper Breast Side. "It’s often the little things that bring positive strides for both mom and baby during their early stages together. I also applaud the mom who invented this product for a unique idea, as well as a fun image which alone can bring a smile to people’s faces."

Udderly Yours is pleased to announce increased availability with this official launch of the product. The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow is currently available at select retailers including MomInventors, The Upper Breast Side, The Pump Connection and BabyTalk to name a few, as well as directly via the Udderly Yours Website at The product is available in small, medium, large and extra large - visit the website to determine which size best fits your needs. Suggested retail prices are $9.95, $12.95, $15.95 and $19.95 respectively with additional covers sold separately. Wholesalers should direct inquiries to

Udderly Yours was established in 2004, and was founded by a mom to help women overcome common challenges they face with motherhood. Its flagship product - The Udderly Yours Breast Pillow - was designed for women who have to physically support their breast while nursing to give moms a much simpler and hands-free process in order to succeed with this endeavor.

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