What Your Favorite Celebrities See While Snoozing, and What it All Means

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See what stars are dreaming! Lauri Quinn Lowenberg, author of "So, What Did You Dream Last Night?" and creator of http://www.thedreamzone.com reveals the meaning behind celebritiesÂ? dreams.

They may have lots of glitter and glam, but even celebs admit to having strange dreams.

"Everyone dreams," says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dream analyst and author of "So, What Did You Dream Last Night?" (The Dream Zone Companies, $19.95, http://www.thedreamzone.com). "Even stars!"

Loewenberg is the writer of "The Dream Zone," a nationally syndicated column which has 2.5 million readers. She has been a guest on numerous radio and TV shows including "Good Morning America" and "The View."

Here Loewenberg shares some of the dreams today’s hottest stars have revealed and gives you the scoop on what these midnight messages mean.

Brad Pitt dreamed he found strangers using his tooth brush!

A tooth brush is a very personal item. Brad must have been feeling an invasion of privacy. Tooth brushes also symbolize verbalization. Perhaps he felt someone misquoted him or put words in his mouth.

Pamela Lee dreamed she and husband Tommy Lee were at a party. She spotted President Reagan and began a conversation with him. She soon realized she wasn’t talking to President Reagan and she wasn't really at a party - Tommy had left her at an insane asylum!

Pamela must be feeling like she can't trust anybody! President Reagan symbolizes her leadership ability. Her dreaming mind probably used President Reagan as a symbol because he was a Hollywood actor too. This dream shows that once Pamela thought she had things under control, her life turned into a "mad house."

Madonna dreamed of being humiliated by a knife-wielding dwarf.

Madonna is a big celebrity, with a big career and big goals. This dream shows her fear of being "dwarfed." The knife could be a pun on being "cut down to size." Madonna is a very controversial personality and has suffered endless criticism and "cutting remarks." This dream also reflects her fear of being "wounded" by criticism.

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