Headaches Bite, Dentist Says

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Are your teeth a pain in the neck? There is new relief for headache pain right under your nose.

There is new relief for headache pain right under your nose. It's about 2 centimeters under your nose actually.

Have you thought to see a dentist about your headaches? Many tension headaches are actually caused by problems arising from the wear and tear on the teeth and jaw. Many people who have resigned themselves to tension headaches have no idea that it could actually be solved by their dentist.

Leading physicians, including many top medical researchers, are recommending the new dental procedure Full Mouth Revitalization. This relatively quick and painless procedure can permanently alleviate headaches, along with face, neck, shoulder, and back pain. Now headache sufferers can stop popping the quick-fix pain medications, which researchers say will actually cause "rebound headaches" if overused.

Over time, teeth wear down and actually shorten, changing the bite. If teeth have worn down even slightly, the lower jaw must work harder to stay close to the upper teeth. This strains the jaw muscles. Eventually, the pain causes a domino effect to the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back. Many people are in pain, and have no idea that the pain is related to their bite. Basically, better bite equals better health.

Full Mouth Revitalization became reality in 2000 with the fusion of neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Best-selling author and expert, Dr. David Frey illustrates this rapidly growing signature process in his book, "Revitalize Your Mouth."

Full Mouth Revitalization uses the latest in digital technology and neuromuscular science to alleviate your pain with little discomfort. There are no clunky devices to wear, no braces or rubber bands, and the entire process can be completed over a very short period of time. To start: the doctor will determine the best bite for the patient’s mouth using state-of-the-art medical computer technology. The computer will find the most natural resting place for the facial muscles, and create a blueprint for the way the teeth will look when completed. After a bite is digitally optimized permanent veneers are constructed and applied.

Full Mouth Revitalization rids patients of headaches, TMJ, and body pain through proper facial alignment with the added bonus of beautiful teeth. It strengthens the muscles, eliminates wrinkles, and creates a younger appearance, all in a completely natural way. The process can also permanently whiten teeth removing tobacco and other unsightly stains. In just a few visits a patient can have the perfect teeth they've wanted and banish painful tension headaches for good.

(You can obtain more information about Full Mouth Revitalization on Dr. Frey's website, http://www.perfectwhitesmile.com.)

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