Jacquelyn Wigs Introduces Fashionable Hairwear Collection Designed to Help Women with Breast Cancer Regain Self Esteem

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Jacquelyn experts offer important HairWear consumer tips.

With millions of women who have Breast Cancer, and more than 300,000 cases projected for next year, October has been designated as "Breast Cancer Month". Jacquelyn Wigs, a premiere HairWear Company for more than 25 years, has introduced its new collection of HairWear fashions, perfect for the woman who wants to look her best at all times.

States George Mayer, President of Jacquelyn Wigs, "It's crucial that we find solutions to this devastating illness. At this time, Chemotherapy is one of the treatments for this disease, which unfortunately may cause hair loss.

"Understandably, most of these women are distraught and lose their sense of positive self-image. As an experienced HairWear Company for more than 25 years, we have introduced our new collection of versatile and exciting hairstyles designed to offer the widest variety of HairWear choices for today's fashions, perfect for any season. Many of these wigs have been designed for women who have Breast Cancer and still want to maintain a positive self-image and sense of fashion."

Included in these new styles is "REBECCA," a Custom European 100% Human Hair Style, and "CAROL" and "KELLY", made of Hairlife® a Human Hair Blend, all three fashionable styles for women who want to look their best during treatment and after.

Mayer would like everyone to become more aware of the devastation this illness causes, not the least of all is the loss of a woman's usual appearance. He works with the American Cancer Society and with hospitals all over the country to donate Jacquelyn wigs for women who cannot afford to buy them themselves.

"We get inquiries from women all over the world who have hair loss problems and don't know what to do, he states. "After dealing with hair problems for more than 25 years, our company has become an excellent source of information for women confronted with the necessity of buying a wig or other form of hair alternative."

HairWear Advice from the Jacquelyn Experts:

l. Insurance:

First check out whether your insurance company covers the cost. Generally speaking, most insurance companies do, with amounts ranging from $500 to $2,000 for a good quality wig. Medicare covers $250 per occurrence. To ensure coverage, make certain your doctor gives you a prescription including the word prosthesis, and that the bill you receive from your place of purchase clearly states "prosthesis" on it.

2. Where:

Finding the right place where to purchase your hair alternatives is very important. Some of your best sources for information are an oncologist, a nurse, or ask someone you know for a recommendation. Or, you can also surf the Internet. Jacquelyn has a very comprehensive website: http://www.jacquelynwigs.com where you can see most of their styles. The website even allows you to order a free catalog to keep on hand for easy viewing.

3. When:

Make your selection preferably before hair loss begins. If it has already begun, take a photo of yourself to the stylist to see how you wore your hair before.

4. Styles

Don't limit yourself to styles. There are a wide variety of textures, colors and styles from which to choose. To make this experience as pleasant as possible under the circumstances, try experimenting with different hairstyles and colors. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how great you can look in a good quality wig.

5. Color Selection:

Color is very important since it can either flatter or flatten your skin tone. Consult with your stylist to determine the best color for you.

6. Price:

Prices can vary widely on wigs as on any other items, depending on the quality of the product. By going to a reputable place that inventories a large variety of wigs in different prices and styles, you can choose the best wig for you in your price range.

7. Maintenance:

Find out how to take care of the wig. If you don't want to do it yourself, ask how much the stylist charges for maintenance.

8. Hair Texture:

Determine which texture of hair is right for you. While human hair wigs are most like your own hair in responding to complete styling changes such as accepting permanents, or changing color, they are more expensive than synthetic hair and require more care. An excellent choice is Hairlife®, an exclusive Jacquelyn blend of human hair and synthetics, offer the best of both worlds, combining the easy care of synthetics with the natural appearance and styling versatility of human hair.

9. Perfect Fit:

Make sure that the wig is comfortable. Comfort begins with a good fit. Because everyone's head has a shape unique to that person, every Jacquelyn wig is detailed with Velcro tabs that can be easily adjusted to conform to your head. After the first washing, you may find a slight adjustment is needed.

10. HairWear Alternatives:

When you don't want to wear your wig, you can also choose an alternative hair covering from a wide variety of hats, turbans and snoods, some with ponytails, or bangs attached. They make for a nice change in your hair fashion wardrobe and can be worn, depending on the style, for either casual or dressy occasions. "Explore your fashion options," advises Mayer. See how you would look in different hairstyles; a casual wig for work, and a glamorous one for evening wear. How would you look in curly hair, or long hair. Most importantly, you can continue to work, see your friends, and take care of your family while looking and feeling great. You can do it!"

For a free catalog of their latest HairWear Collection, please contact Jacquelyn Wigs, at (800) 272-2424. Web site is http://www.jacquelynwigs.com

Note to Editors: All Jacquelyn hairpieces (see http://www.jacquelynwigs.com) are available for photo shoots or jpg images.

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