'Look at Iraq and Hurricane Katrina - Why Should We Think NCLB is Good for Schools?' Asks Author of 'Why Is Teacher's Butt So Big?'

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Debra Craig, with her newly released, sassy-titled book, 'Why Is the TeacherÂ?s Butt So Big? Plus 111 Other Mysteries of Public Education' hopes to become the touchstone of the new education revolution in America. Her first target: Deconstructing No Child Left Behind

Monday, September 12, 2005, is the official starting day when author Debra Craig begins her one woman mission to eliminate or change the absurd educational reform legislation, more commonly known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Not only does this former fifth grade-turned-high school teacher plan on educating the 59 percent of the population who "knows little or nothing at all" about NCLB, her dreams is to become instrumental in its demise or at least drastically change it.

"While I believe the government had good intentions when they passed this bi-partisan legislation, the basic premise of NCLB is very flawed," Debra elaborated. "It's truly absurd to think that EVERY child, regardless of race, background, motivation, biological ability, parental support, or lack of parental support is able to become "proficient" or even "advanced" on some artificial and arbitrary state assessment test given at the end of the school year. I don't know if there's anything we can say all people are proficient at except maybe breathing and even then, people with asthma might want to argue that statement."

Debra also thinks if children are all able to obtain some assigned government standard, then why stop there? "Why doesn't the government come up with a No Adult Left Behind program mandating that all adults earn a minimum income of $50,000 a year. Look at all of the problems that would solve in our society."

Press releases, newspaper articles, television and radio appearances, and even speaking at parent organizations are just some of the ways Debra hopes to get her message across to all Americans. Her goal is to create support for abolishing or at least modifying this legislation which she feels is destroying schools.

"Actually, I must be honest. While I think the expectations that NCLB has put on schools is totally unfair, I do give it credit for waking up schools and making them understand they need to be accountable for teaching our future generation. But when they put the responsibility of raising the test scores only on teachers and none on the students or parents of students, this is when I cry "foul!"

She also is upset that the government thinks schools are "leaving behind children" because of race. This Southern California teacher agrees that an "achievement gap" exists in schools, but disagrees it's because teachers aren't teaching to certain subgroups of students. "It's ridiculous to think teachers aren't teaching to all students. The achievement gap isn't about race, but about socio-economic levels."

Debra welcomes all inquires about her campaign and opportunities to educate the public about our schools and No Child Left Behind. Debra's website, http://www.debracraig.com will give readers more information about her book, "Why Is the Teacher's Butt So Big? Plus 111 Other Mysteries of Public Education."

The title of her book refers to a true comment a kindergartner made to another kindergarten on her first day of teaching eight years ago. "Little did I realize then that from my first day of teaching until my last day in the classroom, when you're a teacher, 'Everyone's a critic!' There will always be administrators, or parents, or politicians, kindergartners, or even myself, you will ask 'Why aren't my lessons better?' 'Why isn't my class quieter?' 'Why aren't my test scores higher?' 'Why don't I have a smaller behind?' Sometimes as a public school teacher, I feel as if I'm in a "no-win" career. I also wanted my title to be somewhat absurd, just like some of the thinking that takes place in education."

Why Is the Teacher's Butt So Big? Plus 111 Other Mysteries of Public Education is available at Amazon.com for $17.95. Debra Craig has been a public school teacher for eight years. Currently she is working at Vista del Lago High School, in Moreno Valley, California, a city located 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

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