Nightengale Press Announces the Release of 'America's Fighting Force' by Thomas Hurley

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The debut book documentary covers the modern American military from an "In the Dirt With the Dudes" perspective. "America's Fighting Force" is pithy, straight forward and honest, written to the reader in the true language of the young men and women on the front lines. It opens the door and the window on how it truly is to live and fight in Iraq, live and observe in Korea, and live and train in the United States.

Author Thomas Hurley is 26 years old. He has already spent eight years of his life in the American military, and he leaves on Monday September 12, 2005 for his second tour of duty in Iraq. "America's Fighting Force" brings stories from around the world --- including Iraq, Korea and all around the United States --- to the reader in the true language of the young men and women on the front lines. This book is pithy, straight forward and honest. It opens the door and the window on how it truly is to live and fight in Iraq, live and observe in Korea, and live and train in the United States.

Thomas Hurley has seen it, felt it and lived it, and he brings his clearly intense view to the American reading public with the hope they will understand exactly who it is that is defending our freedom at home and providing a chance for freedom around the globe -- America's Fighting Force.

Mr. Hurley says it best: "Well, you see us on the news and hear about what we do and maybe a little bit about why. Well, what I have written is first hand accounts and after reading it, you will get to know us. I say 'us' because this is not a biography. It is about us. You'll know how we think and how we operate on a personal level, and what makes us, the modern soldiers, so special and, well, not so special. It shows how we are heroes, but at the same time, normal, everyday kids. It shows you some of the great things that we do for our country and some of the things that our mothers will probably disown us for. Basically, it shows both sides of the spectrum involving life in today's military. It portrays the duality of the heroes you see on the news, on television and in movies, and perhaps even think so highly of. It shows exactly who and what we are: America's Fighting Force."

In September 2005, Mr. Hurley's unit, Charlie Battery 1st of the 12th Field Artillery, based out of Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, will deploy for its second time to Operation Iraqi Freedom. This time, however, he will be based out of Arafjan in Kuwait. His unit was re-trained to be a transportation company, and will be driving M915's, which are 18-wheelers.

"It's pretty scary because those are pretty freakin' big," Mr. Hurley said. "Even though we will be based out of Kuwait, we will enter Iraq quite frequently as we deliver supplies to camps all the way up to Baghdad and back. I am a staff sergeant in third platoon, and I am a squad leader."

Another facet of this soldier's life is that he has a dream beyond the military: he wants to give his musical talents a chance to flourish. He has the gift of being able to tell a story like it is, and his music is as intense as his writing.

The reality of his work illuminates the life that our young men and women in the military lead right from the front lines. Again, Mr. Hurley says it best:

"First off, anyone who has been in the military has at one time or another said, 'If I were to write a book about all the crazy people I knew in the military…' Well, that's one of the reasons I wrote it. Another was, well… When the war in Iraq kicked off in 2003, and I couldn't be there to take part in it, I started feeling really guilty. I had a lot of old friends over there.

Another reason that I wrote this book was that it's the military book that I've always looked for. Most of the military books that I have read are about war and glory. I always wanted one strictly based upon the people, and the everyday stuff, because we do some pretty off-the-wall stuff at times. The last few chapters of it, however, document my experiences from my last deployment to Iraq, even though I swore not to write about war and glory. Trust me; there was nothing glorious about it.

To quote the closing line from the first ending, 'Maybe… just maybe after reading this… you'll realize that we're just normal, everyday people like all of you. We just happen to be: America's Fighting Force.' Thank you."

"America's Fighting Force" is available directly from Thomas Hurley's website at where readers can learn more about the author, join his affiliate program, and purchase his book where it will help the author the most.

Also available from the Nightengale Press bookstore at and, and


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