Hands Are Tied To Find Missing Runaways Teenagers Adults Free We Wish We Could

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Heartbreaking requests from those who need a viable, effective, concerted effort at little or no cost. Sitting on ones laurels is just wishfull thinking at best, you need eyes, ears and boots on the ground to give you the best chance of finding someone.

Following recent press releases regarding our rather unique brand of locating missing persons and runaways we have had an influx of requests to offer our services free of charge to those who cannot afford our fee. Please see previous releases at;



We as a company originally had no intention of offering a service to locate missing people and as a matter of fact how this all came about was as a result of a contract from a client to locate a family member who had runaway. As personal assistants service we can handle most requirements for private individuals but would have never expected this type of response regarding the need to search for or locate missing persons.

Some of the requests for our service to locate runaways have been heartbreaking for us in the sense of not being able to accommodate them at no cost. We are not a publicly funded group, volunteer organization nor do we ask for donations of any kind. When we contract to locate someone our personal assistants are paid a daily wage, travel expenses etcetera and maybe as a result of getting paid to do this one thing, find someone, they take their task very seriously and have been successful more times than not.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words or is It ..

We are not saying that all those missing persons web sites displaying photos and information about the missing aren't providing an important and useful service, we are just bringing to the table another viable option for those who want to do an active and intense search ... or if you have tried everything else to locate a loved one, close friend, companion or family member with little or no success as to leads, then try using our method, it could be your best bet.

Police Forces Must Pound the Pavement to Get ..

Analogous to searching for a criminal, if the police don't go out, pound the pavement and ferret out information ... most likely the criminal will never be found. With so many things going on in the media, on the streets, in the world, who is going to remember the details of a missing persons photo they saw on a web site ... a day, week or year ago? Maybe that is why there are thousands upon thousands of still missing persons photos displayed as you read this. Bottom line, if you want to find someone ... you must look with all the effort you can muster!

Depending on the particular situation and details you may have as to the possible location of the runaway, in most cases we will either find the person, information about the person or we will eliminate the suspected location. Unless one is forced to leave against their will or kidnapped, there is almost always a leading clue as to where they may have gone ... or would prefer to be. Our experience to date has shown that this approach to locating runaways seems to produce 'Hard' results, one way or the other.

Having reviewed the various requests from people who need our service but cannot afford the full all out version, we have launched a limited service to help out where we can. Please see more details at;


Essentially, to find someone, there has to be someone looking for them, a concerted effort! ... you need eyes, ears and boots on the ground, in most cases, sitting around waiting for news is just wishful thinking at best.

Getting a Second Chance To Make it Right ..

Often a runaway has made their decision in haste, and more often then not they wish they could take their decision back, but because of anger, fear, pride, financial resources they do not or just can not. Runaways usually are just fighting to survive the unknown, especially young adults who often end up on the street preyed upon by those who see and smell vulnerability a mile away.

Resources Versus Needs ..

If we could afford to pay our assistants and offer this as a free service ... we would, and a lot more people who have made a bad decision would be reunited. Fourteen year olds just don't have a clue what the streets hold for them.

People Helping People ... We Try.

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