Breaking News: Internet Marketing Millionaire, Mark Joyner Reveals His Personal Business Plan Used to Make Millions Online

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In his new book "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript - Volume 2", Multi-millionaire Guru exposes his underground money-making system; secretly known by his exclusive $2000/hour clients. Limited edition is now available for public.

Thirty-seven-year-old Mark Joyner from Miami, Florida, discloses his best-kept secrets of how he earned millions of dollars online in the past few years.

On April 1, 2003, the legendary guru announced his retirement. "I'm leaving the Internet marketing game", said the #1 best-selling author of numerous books. But he is back with "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript - Volume 2"!

The latest buzz online is: "What is so damn important and life-changing in CIIM-2, that Mark Joyner choose to make a come-back because of it?"

The mystery has now been solved. The reason it's such a big news because Mark Joyner has uncovered his 'personal' business system that he developed & perfected in all these years. People are extremely thrilled as they discover that this is the exact business system Mark himself used to make millions of dollars online.

Till now this confidential book was kept underground. Only Mark’s personal clients got a copy of it. "The book you're about to read is the entire plan I give out to all of my clients when starting any business," says Mark (on the website), who charges $2,000 per hour to his consulting clients and they rave that he is worth every single penny.

Thousands of people every month turn towards the Internet to make money. Due to this, shovel-sellers have sprung up. People are selling books on how to make a fortune online when they themselves have made just a few thousand bucks; that too-selling that same book. They are like the guy on TV asking people to send him money for a book titled 'How to make people send you money for a book on TV'.

The second biggest challenge people face is that they are offered online books that carry bits & pieces of the whole picture. Sometimes the same information is rehashed into five different books. People need to buy 10 books just to get the whole picture.

In such times, Mark’s book comes as a breath of fresh air. People listen to what he says, because he has proved he walks his talks.

Mark Joyner has been one of the most recognized and most successful people in this industry. He is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of Internet Marketing and is responsible for introducing many of the technologies and tactics people see used on the Internet today (most notably e-books, remotely hosted ad-tracking, and integration marketing).

Mark has also been the driving force behind many Top 100 web properties (one of them having shot to #36 out of billions within 6 weeks of its release), wrote an e-book that was downloaded over 1,000,000 times (when he stopped counting in 1998) & turned his fledgling one-man operation into a multi-million dollar international corporation with customers in every Internet-connected country on the planet.

His book, "Mind Control Marketing" shot to #1 on in 48-hours, beating out Rudy Giuliani's book, "Leadership", which was receiving International publicity on CNN every 30-minutes.

Everyone who's been in the Internet Marketing Industry for more than a day knows Mark Joyner & what a tremendous impact he has had on the entire Internet Marketing Community. His students are known to generate mind-blowing results.

"Mark, I just want to say a real 'Thank You' to you. I have diligently applied your simple yet effective marketing strategies and principles to launch me to an overnight success online. I went from $500 per month to $500 per day and I truly owe it all to you." writes Mike Filsaime, Former GM of the 4th Largest Hyundai Dealership in the U.S. and CEO of "InstantBuzz".

Mark's latest book is for everyone who wants to do a business & those who are currently doing one. It explains in detail the whole business system that Mark has been developing & perfecting all these years. It's summed up in the IPPLM formula which Mark calls the formula for "Failure-proofing your business".

A free 15-page excerpt from the book & a rare gift can be downloaded by going to

Due to confidentiality reasons, Mark Joyner's new book "Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript - Volume 2; Your Business Battle Plan and Your Life on Fire" can't be found in bookstores. It can only be ordered from

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