Bluespan®, Inc. Names Brickhouse Security to Distribute Child Safety Device ionKids in New York City

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Bluespan®, Inc. will team up with BrickHouse Security in New York to promote their child locating and tracking device ionKids to parenting groups in New York City. The hand-held system utilizes short-range radio wave technology, making it more effective and reliable than GPS salellite which does not function indoors. Bluespan, Inc. is a wireless technology company and leader in child location technology based near Austin, Texas.

Bluespan®, Inc. CEO Robert M. Frank has announced that BrickHouse Security in New York City has been selected to promote and distribute their first product, ionKids® to parenting groups in the New York area. IonKids is a child safety device manufactured and distributed by Bluespan, Inc., a wireless technology company and leader in child location technology based near Austin, Texas.

Using short-range radio wave monitoring and locating technology, ionKids is an easy-to-use system designed to help parents or guardians keep track of their children. The system includes a specially designed, tamper- and water-resistant wristband worn by the child, and a small handheld device, or base unit used by the parent or guardian to monitor a child’s location. Parents can set the base unit to "safe distances" up to 350 feet to simultaneously keep tabs on up to four children.

BrickHouse Security is a division of BrickHouse Electronics Corporation located in New York City, a service oriented company dedicated to protecting individual privacy and security. Brickhouse Security seeks to provide customers with cutting-edge home security and child safety products that are easy to set up and use. The company has identified safety solutions previously available only to government agencies, security companies and corporate executives.

BrickHouse Security is organizing live demonstrations of the ionKids tracking and locating system for parents. Interested schools, daycare centers and other parenting groups in New York can request a live demonstration at a parent night or other parent event. Information is available online at

"Bluespan has selected BrickHouse Security to be our lead partner in this important metropolitan market," says Mr. Frank. "Ionkids is the most reliable child monitoring and locating device on the market and we are looking forward to working with Brickhouse to broaden awareness of this potentially life-saving technology."

BrickHouse Security has begun meeting with leading parenting groups, schools and daycare centers to show parents how they can use this new technology. "We have tested hundreds of products designed to help parents protect their children," says Brickhouse Security founder Todd Morris. "When we select products to promote, we look for a real solution to a problem that parents face each day. Most products we test don’t perform as advertised but Bluespan has developed a system that really works and meets our standards for quality, reliability and manufacturer support."

Bluespan's patented ionTechnology™ enables parents to set up an invisible electronic barrier. If the child passes through the barrier, an alarm sounds and lights flash on the Base Unit. If they are out of sight, the parent can activate the "locate" system and the child’s location will be indicated on the Base Unit and the parent can track the child’s movement until they can be retrieved.

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