Teacher/Student Romance Novel Set to Spice Up the Fiction World

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Remember the recent headlines: Female Teacher Has Sex with a Student? Well, author Trista Russell has taken that run-of-the-mill news story and added so much fun, sensuality, frenzy, sexuality and intrigue to it that you wonÂ?t believe that itÂ?s the same story you once frowned on.

Ripped from recent headlines: "Female Teacher Allegedly Has Illicit Relationship With a Student!"

His Story: "I could have any chick at West Dade Senior High, but I went after the one I was told couldn’t be broken, Ms. Patrick, my English teacher and my coach’s ex-wife. It started with me proving something to myself, but ended with me trying to prove to her that I was all the man she’d ever need."

Her Story: "I struggled to treat him like any other student. All I asked was that he arrive to class on time and I encouraged him to complete class assignments. However, the lustful way he looked at me, the intimate things his words implied, and the way his fingers taunted my skin, was powerful enough for me to put my career on the line."

The Truth: A thirty-two-year-old teacher entered an inappropriate relationship with a student, but what the headlines didn’t say was that the student, Theo Lakewood, was eighteen (of legal age), extremely handsome, a senior, and a star basketball player at West Dade Senior High, relentlessly pursued her, ceaselessly studied her, and painstakingly seduced her. Of course she could’ve ignored his advances, but she welcomed him with open arms. Only a Fly on the Wall would know exactly how he conquered her.

Ever wish that you were a Fly on the Wall? Wish no more. Spread your wings and get ready to read all of the juicy forbidden details from behind closed doors with Theo and Paige. (In Bookstores Feb. 2006)


Fly On The Wall is scheduled to hit bookstores in Feb. 2006. Teacher/student romances are no longer on the hush in the literary world. Teach Me, by R. A. Nelson is a powerful debut novel about an affair between a teacher and teenage female student. Fly On The Wall is a new age love story and these readers are already on the bandwagon:

"This is the first premise of its type. This is one of the only stories out there that hasn't been recycled to death." –Jacki in NYC

"I read the premise for Fly on the Wall a couple of weeks ago and as a single mother of a very mature looking and tall 12 year old (he's 5'9" and already wears a size 10 & 1/2 shoe). I was thinking that it wasn't going to be the book for me, because I would go to jail if a grown a$$ woman took advantage of my baby. But I became curious and decided to read the first two chapters, and all I can say is I definitely will be buying it!" -Delonya

"It’s about time someone had the courage to write about teachers sleeping with kids. Well, Theo is 18, so I guess it’s different because he is of age. I will purchase the book based on me reading chapter one, its very interesting." -Khileah in Newark, NJ.

"The first woman most males are attracted to is probably their teacher. To female teachers that stud of an athlete is the "Forbidden Fruit." Fly on the Wall is a tale of a dream come true for both parties. I got to have that." –Charlie in Houston

"I had a crush on my teacher, Mrs. White. I think it is a male fantasy to make out with their female teacher. This is one memory that I've stored away that my mother never knew about. I read the first chapter of Fly On The Wall and dug the story. I've been waiting for the book to hit the stores." –Antoine in Antioch, CA

"Fly On The Wall sounds very interesting. I've always been curious about what goes through the teacher mind when she becomes attracted to a student." – Keisha in Elmsford, NY

Fly On The Wall is already raising eyebrows all across the country, to contact the author in regards to interviews, signings, etc.., please visit http://www.TristaBooks.com.

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