Advertise A Talking Jesus Doll? Not in Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine.

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Faith-based company one2believe has been denied the right to advertise their Messengers of Faith this Christmas season.

Valencia, CA [ Parents looking for a meaningful gift this Christmas may want to avoid the November/December issue of Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine. Although dolls and toys from some of the largest companies in the country will be advertised, two dolls you will not see are Jesus and Moses. The reason is Scholastic has denied one2believe, designers of a line of scripture speaking dolls called Messengers of Faith, the right to advertise in their annual holiday gift guide. Scholastic has deemed the advertisement an advocacy issue, therefore the 12” interactive dolls of Jesus, Moses, Mary and David will not reach the 1 million plus subscribers of Scholastic’s magazine.

David Socha, founder of one2believe says, "It is unfortunate that Scholastic has taken this stance, we feel that when it comes to giving a child the meaningful gift for Christmas there is nothing that can compare to the Messengers of Faith. They not only promote wholesome educational play but also reinforce the Christmas holiday."

When questioned how a Noah’s Ark from Playmobil was advertised in their 2004 holiday gift guide, an advertising representative said that Scholastic does not consider Noah’s Ark to be a religious product. Although one2believe disagrees with this assessment about Noah, the one man who was spared the wrath of God, there is little the company could do. “As a relatively small company we cannot afford to focus our energy on companies that don’t want to work with us, all we can do is continue to place advertising where accepted and hope that through word of mouth people will discover what a great resource the Messengers of Faith can be” says Socha. Socha continues "We have received emails and phone calls from parents across the country thanking us for making these dolls available and at the end of the day that is what matters most."

Although designed for parents, churches, and Christian educators to teach children about the Bible one character at a time, the dolls have been reaching out to a much broader audience, being purchased for birthday celebrations and as an alternative to other dolls on the market.

"The passion of my heart is to help children learn the Bible stories," said David Socha, founder of one2believe. "It has been a vision of mine for many years to produce a resource that could help parents and Sunday school teachers teach children the Bible by introducing the Biblical characters to them in a creative and innovative way."

The dolls can speak scriptures at the push of a button, which makes them an interactive way for children to gain an overall grasp of the Bible. Children can easily memorize Bible verses by listening to the dolls and repeating the words. As children learn the scriptures, they will eventually not need to hear the recordings. It can also be useful to teach the child the Biblical story before having the doll recite the relevant scripture.

"I really believe that by building a collection of Messengers of Faith dolls a child will have a natural desire to learn about each Bible character," said Socha. "They can share their knowledge with relatives or friends who ask about their display."

The Biblical characters in the Messengers of Faith line include Jesus, David, Mary (mother of Jesus), Esther, and Moses. With their integrated voice chip technology, they become a three-dimensional Bible story. The costuming of each doll is hand-sewn and has been researched to convey a typical fashion of the time period in which the character lived.

Visit for more information on the Messengers of Faith dolls and to place an order online.

About one2believe

one2believe, a premier developer of high-quality Christian educational dolls and a division of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company, is devoted to the Biblical education of children. Their unique line of Messengers of Faith dolls is carefully crafted and is designed to teach children the Bible one character at a time. one2believe is located in Valencia, CA.


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