Ten Survival Techniques in Perilous Times

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Here are some survival tips that everyone should be aware of in this time when things are unstable.

Everyone agrees that we live in perilous times. Natural disasters are becoming more and more common. Our economic security is being threatened more everyday. War and terrorism are rampant world wide. What’s a person to do?

We can’t stop the world around us, but we can be prepared and make life a little less stressful. Here are ten things we can do to be a prepared people.

1. Keep a Cash Stash. If asked to evacuate your home quickly, enough cash for gas for the car, food, and a hotel room for your family for a few days is helpful. In recent disasters, there have been many people who didn’t have the means to leave the area when asked to.

2. Keep a 72-hour kit handy and updated. When a disaster hits it often takes about 3 days before government officials get organized enough to actually help the people. Place in an easy to carry container or back pack such things as: water, non-perishable, no-cook foods, first aid kit, prescription and non prescription drugs, clothing, baby supplies like formula and diapers, entertainment such as card games and books. Remember that if you have to walk, most of your family members can carry something,

3. Keep important documents in a water/fire proof container and in an accessible place. This is a good idea weather good times or bad. There is nothing worse than not being able to find an important document when you need it. Include such things as wills, insurance policies, investment documents, property deeds, passports, copy of social security cards, copy of birth certificates, bank account numbers, credit card numbers and pin numbers.

4. Emergency contact place. Sometimes when a disaster happens family members are at work and school. Also many times you can call out of the area easier than in the area. Have a person outside of your immediate area that everyone can call and/or go to so that you know who to keep searching for.

5. Whether you experience a natural sudden disaster or a job loss, it is wise to store basic food, water and supplies. When a job loss, injury or illness occurs it is comforting to know that you have food and toilet paper for awhile.

6. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There is great wisdom in this age old phrase. Depending only on Social Security or even your company pension plan is not wise. Many companies are experiencing bankruptcy and serious cut backs that threaten company pensions. Know one really knows what will happen to Social Security and even if it is preserved it certainly is not sufficient to live comfortably. Look into different plans and companies and spread out your investments and secure your future.

7. Develop basic skills. In our modern computer age, many of the basic skill that got our ancestors through rough times have been lost. Consider developing skills such as small household repairs, simple car maintenance, sewing, quilting, cooking from scratch, bread making, gardening etc. When times get tough these skill, can save a lot of money.

8. Get out of debt. There is nothing worse than losing a job or experiencing some other disaster and then realizing you not only have to recover but you have debt to pay off. A simple plan is to start by paying off your smallest debt first, then putting that payment towards the next smallest debt until you are debt free.

9. Pay yourself first. Studies have shown that paying your self 10% of your income gives you a good basic savings that can be used for emergencies, college, or retirement.

10. Have a back up business plan. Take a hobby or interest and turn it into a side business. When times get tough it is easy to expand an existing business than to start a new one. Also, many times expanding a part time business will pay better than starting a new job. A business can also be a retirement plan. Investing in your own business will give you future revenues that can continue after you decide to retire and can even be willed to heirs.

Being prepared gives you peace in troubled times. It can eliminate stress and anxiety. It will free you up from being dependent on the government and others in times of emergencies. For more ideas go to http://www.lonepeakbusiness.com.


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