Economic Technologies' Chairman & CEO, Jude E. Uba, Unveils Its 3G Economic Growth Technology Platform and Validation Applications

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Economic Technologies, today, unveiled its Third Generation economic science technological applications platform, with dazzling, deep and profound implications for worldwide economic innovations and market efficiencies. This adds more robust capabilities to the company's powerful and breakthrough Fluid Fence (Dimax/EXCAP) economic growth tools for massive economic growth, unveiled four years ago.

Economic Technologies today unveiled its powerful and revolutionary Third Generation economic growth application platforms and system-wide validation technology for its massive economic science breakthrough, Dimax/EXCAP. These advanced economic growth and value enablers are notable for their embedded powerful navigational and Rapid Deploy Pilot Mechanics (RDPM), designed to cut by more than 80% a country's relevant time demand (RTD) for progression from a developing or underdeveloped economy to a fully developed and successful economy.

Previously, on July 25, 2001, at the Hay Adams Hotel, in Washington, D.C., in a historic global shift, the company officially unveiled its revolutionary economic science breakthrough, the Fluid Fence economic growth application (Dimax/EXCAP), the culmination of an extensive 15-year R&D effort, led by Jude E. Uba. This was the result of an unmatched commitment to, positively, change, from the core, isolated of distortions, how 4.5 billion people, mostly in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America (including Mexico) and Eastern Europe, work and live. Proclaimed by economists to be the "most brilliant economic idea to come to market in the last 500 years," it is designed to make economic activities, market functions and governing in 150 countries, 100 times more productive and efficient.

"The value of adding a reliable validation generating resonance navigation (VGRN) to a distinctively directional and revolutionary platform, such as Dimax/EXCAP, is utterly audacious. This is a galvanizing technological brain, sensor and logistics codification spectrum, in addition to what is already a powerful driver for massive human energy and market activities acceleration. It promises and guarantees the broadest breakthrough implications and benefits for advanced global healthcare delivery, financial activities and policies, national economic security, international relations (diplomacy), intelligent infrastructure building and management, nation building, brand equity/value development, bold governmental efficiency standards and people decision-making mindsets," said Jude E. Uba, Economic Technologies' Chairman & CEO.

"As a company that is bent on being the foremost transformational force in global economics and market functional efficiencies, guided by a stringent emphasis on approaches and methodologies that deliver real solutions and clear results for humans, this is truly exciting, particularly for the billions of under-performing peoples and nations around the world," Uba stated. "This is a new world that we are building."

This company will not rest in this beautiful quest, until we integrate, build and deliver the most functioning economic growth systems and infrastructure to every corner of the world, resulting in a massive standard of living advancement: Owning the future with a shift enduring with the most profound genres.

Economic Technologies, Inc. builds, integrates and manages the economic intelligence, economic operating systems, critical backbone infrastructures and synthesized common platforms that make economies work, enabling nations to, rapidly, achieve massive and sustained economic growth. The company is leading an ambitious worldwide effort, to build the largest and most comprehensive market distribution infrastructures and services in the world, through the bundling of breakthrough economic growth technologies and applications, implementation logistics management, critical financial infrastructures (CFI), advanced global healthcare access and massive information/knowledge distribution and delivery platforms.

Economic Technologies' proprietary economic science breakthrough, the product of a 15-year intensive R&D, the first-of-its-kind, is changing how an estimated 4.5 billion people, worldwide, work and live.

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