Viands Concerted Introduces Patent-Pending Food Process for Vegetables

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Process produces fully cooked vegetables that maintain bright color, intense flavor and natural sweetness; also increases shelf life of fully-cooked vegetables, with no additives or preservatives.

Viands Concerted™ LLC, a food development company, today introduced a new food manufacturing process that makes fully cooked vegetables appear as though they were freshly cut by literally changing the cellular plant structure within the vegetable. The patent-pending process called Lintonizing™ is an all-natural and preservative free method aimed at providing higher quality vegetable and potato products for the food industry, including food service, food processing and retail markets.

"There is a dramatic difference between traditionally processed vegetables and those manufactured using the Lintonizing™ process," said Brad Dunnington, president of Viands Concerted, LLC. "This revolutionary food process helps vegetables maintain their full flavor, color and texture, and allows food processors to produce much higher quality blanched, roasted, and grilled vegetables than previously available to the market. We are confident that as restaurants and food service companies see the difference in quality of Lintonized™ vegetables, they will want their customers to see and taste the difference as well."

"Lintonizing™ also is an ideal process for the retail and food service markets and could potentially change the way all vegetables are processed and delivered to market. Viands Concerted and our patent-pending Lintonizing™ process have great market potential, and we are actively pursuing a number of licensing opportunities with food processors and restaurant chains that will expand the availability of our process and deliver higher quality cooked vegetables to consumers."

The Lintonizing™ process, in addition to being gentle and reinforcing the plant cell structure, provides phenomenal benefits to potato and vegetable processing, including:

  • Cooked fries (ready for frying) can be looped into a knot without breaking;
  • Cooked potato chip slices (ready for frying) can be doubled over without breaking (no fines);
  • Little or no acrylamide formation in deep fried potato products;
  • Fully cooked broccoli smells fresh out of the bag even after 30 days of refrigeration; and
  • Fully cooked and roasted bell pepper slices have the crunch of fresh peppers.

For a more detailed description of this new discovery and the Lintonizing™ process, please call 513-898-1008 to request the document, "Lintonizing™: New Discovery, Plant Cell Metamorphosis."

"Another big advantage to Lintonized™ vegetables is their shelf life," added Dunnington "Even though Lintonized™ vegetables appear 'Fresh Cut,' they are fully cooked allowing for a refrigerated shelf life from 45 to 60 days. 'Fresh Cut' is the fastest growing segment in vegetables nationally and the Lintonized™ process could make 'Fresh Cut' obsolete by providing a true-replacement to cooking raw vegetables to order."

According to the USDA, Americans consume an average of 204 pounds of vegetables each year(1), and the Produce Marketing Association reported that the U.S. retail fresh produce sales reached more than $50 billion in 2003(2). In addition, total sales for the potato chip market exceed $6.0 billion(3), while experts estimate that French fry sales for fast food restaurants account for more than $20 billion of total annual revenues(4).

About Viands Concerted, LLC

Viands Concerted™ is a product development, sales, and marketing organization with more than twenty-five years of experience in the food processing industry. The company's patent-pending Lintonizing™ manufacturing process improves the shelf-life of cooked vegetables, while allowing food processors to control browning, sugars, texture, and strength of their potato products, and produce fully cooked vegetables that maintain bright color, intense flavor and natural sweetness. The company is currently developing proprietary formulas of fresh vegetables and potato products for foodservice operators, as well as developing licensing agreements. Viands Concerted is a private organization with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Additional information may be obtained at, or by examining the Published Patent Application No. 20040234659.


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