Macho or Not, Football Players Want to Look Attractive

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Despite the traditional macho image, football players are among the many male converts to beauty services such as manicures, facials and pedicures that once were solidly in the realm of women.

Without question, football is the most popular spectator sport in America. It's an intensely physical, combative sport, where highly trained athletes skillfully execute strategic game plans. Physical intensity is matched by the intellectual anticipation of what may happen next. With a few very exciting plays in every game, football keeps millions of fans glued to the TV throughout the entire season. Despite their traditional macho image, football players are among the many male converts to beauty services such as manicures, facials and pedicures that once were solidly in the realm of women.

Pro players Charles Woodson, Mike Bellamy and others feel that getting pedicures, manicures and spa treatments helps keep them looking attractive, and enhances their manly image. In an interview with Bloomberg News, Mike Bellamy said, "These athletes are used to macho, but they're becoming more comfortable with grooming. Sports is part of the entertainment industry. You have to look the part, which means you can't be scruffy.'' Bellamy and Dikembe Mutombo of the Houston Rockets have become part owners of the Nseya Salon & Spa in Atlanta.

Jan Buck, President of Princeton Group International, a strategic consulting firm for the biomedical industry, is a former football player for Princeton University. He says, "Most young men get into it because it's the sport of champions and heroes. But nothing can compare with the pain football players go through. The training is like force-feeding a goose - it's relentless. In my experience, military boot camp was really nothing compared to the physical demands of football." He adds, "Being attractive is part of the overall psychology of the masculine ideal - it's part of the football mystique. Off the field, football players shun a 'Quasimodo' image and strive for a look that's more like Warren Beatty."

Pamela Bissell, Director of Sales for Xenna Corporation, a distributor of natural foot care products, says "Callused, rough feet and hands are a common problem for professional and amateur athletes alike. A number of top professional football and basketball teams have used our products to keep their feet and hands in top condition, and we know from the feedback we get that men - as well as women - want their nails and feet to be as attractive as possible." She adds, "Last year, Xenna's NonyX® Nail Gel was nominated by a professional football player for inclusion in FX Sport's National Football League Alumni Guide and Yearbook. Only products personally endorsed by a player are permitted to appear in that publication."

Xenna distributes NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Ointment, which were developed and patented using formulations that focus on the exfoliation of keratin - the protein contained in skin and nails. The result is innovative, natural foot care products that address the cosmetic appearance of unattractive feet and nails.

NonyX Gel was developed to provide a unique, natural solution to the problem of yellow, dark or discolored nails, especially toenails - a problem that becomes more common as we age. Bissell says, "NonyX Gel is a topical, easy-to-use gel that breaks down and removes keratin debris - the discolored, yellow or thick granular buildup under nails which is the actual source of nail discoloration. It softens keratin debris using natural ethanoic acid, and permits it to be scraped out from under the nail, beginning after about four weeks. Once keratin debris is removed, NonyX Gel keeps nails looking clear and attractive with regular use."

Podiatrists recommend the natural enzymes found in CalleX Ointment to exfoliate thick, flaky skin and to smooth and rejuvenate dry, cracked heels. Newly patented, CalleX has been shown in consumer studies to significantly reduce thick, dry, flaking skin and cracking on soles and heels within 15 to 30 days. Acid-free and diabetic-friendly, CalleX moisturizes dry, rough or flaky skin, and exfoliates and thins thickened areas, while leaving normal skin unaffected - a particular benefit to athletes.

Regardless of their age, fans can keep feet and nails looking attractive with NonyX Nail Gel and Callex Ointment, whether attending a tailgate party, watching football in a local bar, or at a friend's home in front of a big-screen TV - all places where those concerned about their masculine image are likely to fall under the scrutiny of the opposite sex.

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, Drug Emporium, Brooks, Duane Reade and most Medicine Shoppe drugstores. You'll also find it at HEB, Roundy's and Brookshire grocery stores, through podiatric physicians, independent pharmacies and online at, and

CalleX Ointment is now available in the footcare section at Longs and most Medicine Shoppe pharmacies, as well as from podiatric physicians and online at and To view photos of nails and feet, click on


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