Thousands Save $2 per Gallon on New Diesel Fuel

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Announcing the introduction of new alternative diesel fuel-making process which allows people to become a home fuel maker. They are saving about $2 per gallon since the fuel costs less than 50 cents per gallon to make.

If it can run on petrol diesel, it can run on our fuel.

Diesel Secret Energy, LLC (DSE) has developed a simple method for creating a very useable alternative diesel fuel from vegetable oil that doesn’t require converting one’s vehicle or the use of harsh chemicals associated with making bio-diesel. The cost per gallon can be a staggering 46 cents per gallon.

Thousands of Americans have already tried the system and are saving over $2 per gallon. One of their loyal customers, the owner of a mobile PC repair business, says, "We’re saving thousands of dollars per year...We’ll never go back to regular diesel."

DSE looked to the past and studied the old world knowledge of a team of diesel experts dating back to post WW II Germany, the home of the original diesel engine. During the post war years when fuel was scarce, these young technicians learned first hand from veteran Mercedes engineers how to make a simple fuel that could run any diesel engine. As the DSE Team says, "If it can run on petrol diesel, it can run on our fuel."

Today, DSE brings that knowledge to the forefront of alternative fuel technology by making it available online at For only $39 the buyer receives a manual, video, and additive equipping them with all they need. Then, they simply mix the free oil they have obtained with the recommended ingredients and DSE’s own specially made additive and voila’, a cleaner burning, and much cheaper fuel.

The fuel is cheaper and safer than making bio-diesel or any other alternative. Emissions on vehicles using this fuel far exceed those using petroleum diesel.

The fuel will also help aid in lubrication of the injection pump. A large concern for many diesel owners since petroleum emissions regulations have deteriorated the lubrication properties of petroleum diesel causing many injection pump failures.

How much are people saving? An average driver is about $1,200 to $1,500 richer per year. Even more as diesel prices continue to rise. For a large truck owner, the savings could be an easy $25,000 to $30,000 a year. Even if users only partially substitute DSE made fuel for petroleum diesel (they can be mixed without problems), they could still be a lot richer by years end.

The downside? It cannot be sold retail at gas stations. No EPA approval of the fuel. Only refinery produced bio-diesel has that approval. However, it can be made individually for use in one’s own vehicle. The reality is that not everyone is open to the idea of making their own fuel. Everyone wants to save money, but not everyone wants to drop by restaurants weekly to pick up jugs of used vegetable oil. For those who are, and their numbers are increasing exponentially, DSE’s fuel system is the answer to a prayer.

Diesel Secret Energy LLC

Sunset, LA.

Andrew Klenert


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