Liberals Furious Over New Children's Book

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New kidÂ?s book Â?Liberals Under My BedÂ? becomes lightning rod for controversy. Prominent liberals liken it to Nazi propaganda, but conservative author laughs off allegations.

Liberals all over the country are up in arms over a new children’s book that portrays cartoon versions of left-wing icons Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy taxing and regulating a lemonade stand.

“Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed” (Kids Ahead; hardcover: $15.95; ISBN 0976726904) hits bookstore shelves today, but author Katharine DeBrecht has already found herself under fire from liberals. MSNBC host Ron Reagan was incensed over the book and scolded DeBrecht on his cable television show. Fox News host Alan Colmes claimed the book exists for the purpose of “brainwashing.” Democratic Underground, a popular liberal Web site, named DeBrecht to its “Top 10 Conservative Idiots” list. And Daily Kos, the most trafficked left-wing blog, likened the book to Nazi propaganda.

In spite of the unflattering comparisons to Hitler, “Liberals Under My Bed” author DeBrecht is nonplussed by the allegations.

“What else would you expect from liberals?” shrugs DeBrecht, a mother of three and former co-captain of Security Moms for Bush. “Liberals have been foisting their ideological agenda on our kids for years, and now they’re beside themselves that someone would stand up to them. Evidently books about socialist fish and gay kings are OK, but a story about hard work and self-reliance is too extreme.”

DeBrecht asserts that no liberals have protested the presence of books such as “Rainbow Fish” (where a fish is hectored into giving away his beautiful scales so that all the fish look the same) and “King & King” (where two princes marry each other and adopt a little girl) in classrooms. She also points to the prohibition on prayer in school, attacks on the Boy Scouts, opposition to school choice, and the recent court ruling banning the Pledge of Allegiance because it contained the phrase “under God” as evidence of a liberal agenda targeting kids.

“Evidently liberals oppose parents who believe in traditional values having a book that will help them teach those values to their children,” says DeBrecht. “But, then again, liberals oppose anything that supports religion, traditional families, and the free market. Those institutions are obstacles to their goals of eliminating personal responsibility and establishing a welfare state.”

“Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed” -- which features full-color illustrations by award winning artist Jim Hummel -- tells of two brothers who open a lemonade stand. Their plans to save up their hard earned profits to buy a swing set go awry when a Ted Kennedy character taxes away their profits and a pants-suit clad Hillary Clinton look-alike outlaws sugary drinks.

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