Scary or Great? College Dropout Earns $135k in 14 Months From Less Than A $5k Start-Up

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John Roney, a young entrepreneur from the National D.C. Capital area, proves that success is in the reach of anyone (college educated or not). John candidly shares his experience of making more than $135,500 in his first fourteen months in business. All this while taking more time off for vacations and starting with less than a $5000 investment.

Scary or great? Less than 50% of the job force will ever earn a six-figure income. Even fewer do that as a 21-years-old college dropout. Young entrepreneur, John Roney, shares how he earned $135k in 14 months, from less than a $5k start-up investment. He says you can do it too.

The travel industry is currently a $4.9 trillion dollar industry. More people will more money on the travel industry in the next year than any time in history. It is said that people will either make money in the travel industry or spend money in the travel industry. Roney chose to work in the travel industry because of two major reasons: first, "I have traveled more in the last year with my business than I had in the first 20 years of my life," John said. The second reason, John commented, "I know that if you ask 100 people what they would do if they won the lottery, 99 of them would tell you that they would love to travel the world. That’s a big business."

So how did John choose the right company to work with? We asked John and he answered, “There were a lot of businesses out there I considered joining. I didn’t have the experience necessary to go out there and create a new company, so I choose an existing business and become a reseller for the company.” That company is Coastal Vacations. John chose Coastal because they had a successful ten-year track record of serving people with three outstanding wholesale travel packages. The packages are specifically designed to help people save money with travel/vacations, on everything from cruises and condos to resorts and hotels to theme parks and many other savings options also. John said, “We offer three vacation and travel savings packages that are designed to save individuals, couples and families up to 85% off their travel and vacation expenses. Many people save enough on their very first vacation to pay for the cost of their membership. It happens all the time.”

In addition to the vacation benefits offered, John mentioned, "Coastal was more than just a vacation reselling business. I like helping people save money on travel, but I love even more when I can help people make more money. Coastal is a program that anybody can get started working with and earn a significant income," remarked John. A person or couple who is interested in earning an additional monthly income, or even interested in totally replacing their current income can do so working with Coastal. "I’ve learned from more than 20 in this company that earn between $10,000-$20,000 a month and some a lot more. Each week people call me up out of the blue and ask me questions about how they can do what I do—how they can make a six-figure income like I did)."

Why would someone choose Coastal? He responded, "Coastal is different that the other businesses because Coastal has a professional sales staff that does the selling for its members. Let me explain what I mean. We have a call center that works for us. Instead of needing to make sales myself, I have a sales staff that completes sales for me, and that is something that is available to anyone in the business. It is the most important part of our business. We have great travel packages, yes. We are paid commissions of $1000-$6500 on every sale we make, yes. But the reason why so many people are successful with this business is that we don’t have to do the selling work... we have other people do that for us."

"You see, my primary responsibility working with Coastal is to advertise the business, and that is easy. I don’t have to do any of the selling work myself, which is the hardest part of this type of business. I am not a salesperson and I don’t like to sell. 95% of the people I know are not salespeople, and they don’t like to sell either. That is why I earned a six-figure income the last year," said John.

About the company: Coastal Vacations has been in business for 26 years, based out of Kissimmee, Florida. We interviewed John by video at John can be reached at (800) 718-2513. "I love to share my experience with people. I like helping people any way that I can. I teach people one-on-one how to do what I do," finished John.

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