Film Rights For Top 2005 Debut Novel "Las Cruces" Set To Auction For $1.3M In Record Setting Ebay Offering

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Worldwide film rights for international action adventure novel "Las Cruces" (J.T. Fisher, Publishamerica, 2005), which has quickly climbed national book sales rankings, will be auctioned on Ebay in October, 2005, with minimum pricing set at $1.3MM. Successful auction will represent largest book film rights offering on Ebay. Dramatic, action-packed story, traversing exotic locations from Southern California to Florida and the tropics, to New York City and exotic Mexico City, make this thriller a natural adaptation for the big screen. Bilingual story is perfectly positioned against the rapidly growing demand for cross-over English/Spanish books and movies. Strong film industry response expected.

Rehsif Marketing announces a record setting auction of worldwide film rights has been set for international action adventure novel "Las Cruces" (J.T. Fisher, Publishamerica, 2005). The minimum pricing has been set at $1.3MM, representing the highest priced book film rights auction ever hosted on Ebay.

"Las Cruces is poised for a successful and record shattering transition from print to film markets," said a spokesperson for Rehsif Marketing, "this action-packed thriller is anticipated to encounter strong response, due to enormous demand for bilingual English/Spanish books and movies, and an industry appetite for young new authors bringing fresh, exciting stories to the market."

In an interview, the book's author seemed astonished at how fast things were moving for Las Cruces. "I'm genuinely surprised, and of course elated at the strong response to this book since it debuted this summer," said J.T. Fisher, "there are so many great books being published all the time, it's almost unbelievable there's an opportunity to see Las Cruces go to the film market so soon. When I initially heard about it - and the shock wore off - I jumped at it!"

About the Auction

Effective October 1, 2005, worldwide film and video rights will be offered in a record setting auction on Ebay for Las Cruces, the top debut novel of 2005. Rights will be awarded to the highest bidder exceeding the minimum price of US$1.3MM.

Bids must be received, along with a 10% earnest money deposit, by October 31, 2005. Non-selected bids will be returned to bidders, along with earnest money deposits, within 5 business days. The winning bidder must post a further 40% earnest money escrow deposit, to be released upon closing, along with the remainder of the final purchase price, subject only to delivery of proof of author's copyright, and finalization of normal contract documentation and perpetual rights transfer agreements.

About The Book

"Las Cruces," or "The Crosses," is set against the modern day underworld of drugs and drug money, moving from staggeringly beautiful Southern California of decades past, to sunny Florida, where planes buzz the tropical skies making illicit sojourns to bring drugs into a nation relentlessly hungry for them, in exchange for endless amounts of money. Meanwhile, in New York, Wall Street power brokers wash the cash, then employ it to steer global business, national economics, and international politics.

Jake Reyes is headed for a lifetime of failure, as he heaps problem upon problem, ostensibly for good reasons but rarely for good results, until he’s entangled in a web of dangerous people on both sides of the law.

Jake faces a final “crossing” that could keep him alive, and restore value to his life. He has a plan, but his plans have always proven to be sources of problems rather than sources of solutions, so he doesn’t know if he can fully trust himself. Enemies are getting close, and time has run out.

About the Author

Mr. Fisher is an acclaimed member of the esteemed Georgia Writers Association. He is 43 years old, a devoted husband, and father of three beautiful, staggeringly intelligent, and far more promising offspring than himself. In writing "Las Cruces," he wanted only a respectable hobby and the chance to say something meaningful.

About Rehsif Marketing

Rehsif Marketing of Atlanta, Georgia, employs innovative and adaptive guerilla marketing programs to maximize the value and success of books and their authors, with a specialty practice in applying these tools to bring emerging authors to the broader market.

Rehsif Marketing focuses on new distribution channels, specializing in internet markets and promotional venues, and has a demonstrated track record of boosting book sales rankings by extraordinary amounts.

Due to strong demand for its services, we regret that Rehsif Marketing is not taking on additional clients at present. Please check back with us in the future.


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