The Huge File Conundrum Solved

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New release of File4ward allows unlimited size files to be sent from remote desktop securely and encrypted. Access to PC files from any browser (including cell phone) is free.

As hard drive space increases, it seems that the file sizes keep pace. In the days of dial up connections, people deliberately made sure files were small in order to send them through the skinny pipelines. With broadband penetration almost commonplace, high-speed wireless networks in coffee shops, the need to possess and move huge files has become a corporate and personal mission.

Advertising agencies routinely shuffle around media files in excess of 1GB,which would have taken days in the old dial up era. The corporate mail systems in place were never designed to handle files this large, nor the recipients ISP mail systems. Some Agencies have turned to custom developed software and infrastructure to handle their file movement needs (which can amount to 500GB /month). Medical imaging files are equally huge. What about legal files? Corporate legal documents can be 50MB ea and most ISP’s choke on anything over 5MB in size. Not to mention the risk of clear text files moving on the public internet where a file moves through perhaps hundreds of routers, server and public networks on their way to their destinations.

Ogden Point Software, a Canadian Software development firm, released its groundbreaking File4ward software in August 2004 to much acclaim. This software resides on the PC (or multiple PCs) and allows a user secure access to any file on the computer using a browser. The user is able to bypass traditional mail server restrictions and send files of any size directly to an email recipient. In August 2005 several key enhancements were made available to the public that not only improved speed, reliability and extension to any mobile device, it add “on-the-fly” encryption.

Encryption is merely the technological means of ensuring that a file or document is scrambled into an unrecognizable random string. The file is then unreadable except by the rightful recipient (who has the unlock key). File4ward is unique on the internet in that the user can be thousands of miles away from their home or office PC and send a file to a co-worker or business associate with a few presses of their cell phone buttons, encrypt the file so it’s protected against interception. How? The software on the PC contains a special application that takes the file, encrypts it before sending to a powerful 256Bit AES level (Banking only requires 128Bit). This way the file never leaves the PC unprotected. The file itself then travels to protected server to await pickup by the recipient (which could be the sender on holidays and using a cyber café). Encryption protects the sender, whether doctor, lawyer or businessperson from having their private files misappropriated.

Direct PC access can present IT departments with worrisome headaches. Two-way applications that give deep access to a PC can be compromised in a number of ways. Recent news stories of people’s computers being taken over by cyber criminals who use their computers to commit other crimes are found in the papers. File4ward is a different kind of remote access application. File4ward receives commands to send files and cannot be used to hijack a person’s computer. The files cannot be deleted remotely and the PC is never out of local control by the user or the administrator.

There are other services on the net that offer large file movement but they cannot operate remotely (i.e. from wherever the person who needs the file is!). File4ward can be accessed from a browser or a cell phone with equal protection and control.

Mobile workers everywhere can benefit from knowing their files are just a fingertip away at all times and IT managers can rest safe knowing that only the right people can access and receive the files. Now there’s no need for custom solutions or increased infrastructure cost. All that’s needed is a net-connected PC and a browser.

Huge files are the norm now and will only get bigger. File4ward accepts files of any size and users get free 500MB/mo for every account. File4ward doesn’t contain any malware, spyware or adware.

Software can be downloaded for free from any time. Registration is simple and private. There is literally thousands of uses for file4ward from sending grandma the whole digital picture collection to companies sending printing firms their source files. The only limitation File4ward has is the imagination of the user.

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