The Timing is Right to Invest in Iraq's Future Oil Economy

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Invest in the New Iraqi Dinar to capitalize on progress in Iraq along with rising oil and gas prices. History and current trends in Iraq point to promising returns.

Many people have not heard the progress reports and good news coming out of Iraq for the last year and a half. The media has focused mainly on the problems in Iraq: conflict, bombings, and insurgency.

It will amaze many people in five or even 10 years when Iraq returns as a prosperous part of the international family. Many people will wonder exactly how Iraq could have got there, as they are seemingly only in the news when the bombs go off, or the blood flows. After reading even two weeks worth of any of the progress reports and good news summaries, you will see exactly how they have been heading in that direction.

The progress and good news has been happening since the end of the war - for about a year and a half now. Early investors in Iraq through the New Iraqi Dinar have enjoyed watching their investment more than double in value since then. This is just the beginning for the New Iraqi Dinar and Iraq, as you will see.

The recent approval of the draft of Iraq's Constitution sets up another historic forward advance. On Oct. 15th, the people of Iraq are scheduled to vote and approve this New Constitution. This could have another positive effect on the Dinar and increase its value further.

The New Iraqi Dinar (NID) was introduced in October 2003 to stop counterfeiting and remove Saddam from the old Dinar notes. This New Iraqi Dinar was introduced and a 3 month exchange period occurred to phase out the old currencies which are only valuable to collectors now. The New Iraqi Dinar offers a great investment as its value is at an all time low. Before Saddam came to power, the Dinar was worth $3.30 per Dinar. During his rule, the Dinar fell to an international exchange rate low of $0.30 per Dinar. Right now, you can buy 1 Million Dinar for less than $1,000.00 U.S. If it returns to only be worth $0.01 per Dinar, 1 Million Dinar will be worth $10,000 U.S.

This is a similar situation to what happened in Japan and Germany after WWII. Their economies were at an all time low and rebuilding so you could buy up a large amount of their currency for very little. Buy low, right? They were later to exchange it when it was worth much more. In Iraq, the U.S. government has committed over $200 billion into the future of Iraq. They are contributing $18 billion in reconstruction aid, along with other countries in Europe and Japan who have also committed further reconstruction aid. Their reconstruction has begun.

The New Iraqi Dinar is also an investment that offers a way to capitalize on current and historic trends. The Dinar is at an all time low value, as it has historically been a strong and valuable currency. The main strength of Iraq's economy, and thus the Dinar, is Iraq's oil revenues.

Iraq plans on opening 11 more oil wells by the end of the year, and steadily increasing their oil exports in the next two to three years. This combined with rising natural gas and oil prices will lend strongly to Iraq's bottom line. Iraq has the largest natural gas reserves in the world and the second largest oil reserves. Iraq also owns all its oil rights for the next 100 years.

Another great aspect of this investment is that it is not limited to institutions or just wealthy investors. The small investor can get started for less than $100 and realize good returns.

So how can you get involved in this investment opportunity? How do you find further information or a dealer you can trust? We have found the perfect site for you! We researched many Dinar dealers and Why Buy Dinar consistently rose to the top as the best dealer to work with. They have an educational site, with links to the latest news and information on the New Iraqi Dinar (NID). This is where we found a collection of progress reports and good news summaries.

If you have questions or need further information, their helpful and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you. If you decide to buy Dinar, unlike many dealers, they offer a variety of denominations (this is important) and a wide variety of payment options. They gave us fast service, and delivery with prompt responses and order status updates along the way. They are the only dealer to offer a triple your money back guarantee of their Dinar's authenticity. They are so confident your Dinar is authentic, that they will not only give you your money back if it is not, they will triple it. They are based in the USA, but have a large clientele from around the world. They specialize in shipping to international clients without a problem. We tried to find complaints on them and could not find one anywhere. They are also the only dealer who offered service after the sale. They include their customers in a program where they send them email notices about significant events concerning their Dinar investment.

We contacted the founder, Matthew Yonan and he took the time to answer all of our questions and even explained what we didn't understand about how the future international exchange rate would be set. He also told us how he started the company as an investor. When he went around to his friends and family to see if anyone wanted to order with him, he realized how big the market for New Iraqi Dinar was. He was also frustrated with the poor service and lack of information on many Dinar dealers sites and thought he could do better. He pointed out his fundraiser for Operation Iraqi Children that he also offers through his business. To help raise money for OIC, they sell a "Patriot Pack." This is essentially a gift packet with 1,000 Dinar inside. They sell for $5 each including shipping.

To see their website and find out more about the New Iraqi Dinar and the investment opportunity it offers, please visit: or


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