Intradyn Launches Next-Generation ComplianceVault E-mail Archiving Appliance

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New Plug-and-Play Total Solution Starting Under $10,000.

Intradyn (, the leader in simple, affordable solutions for automated email archiving, announced today it is introducing the next version in a line of email archiving appliances. The new-generation product, dubbed "ComplianceVault06," has remarkable ease-of-use features and sets up in as little as ten minutes.

The ComplianceVault06 Email Archiving Appliance is an integrated hardware/software solution that captures all of a company's email on a continuous basis, from a virtually unlimited number of email boxes. It stores the email on both hard disk and tape - including unalterable "WORM" tape media (write once, read many). The appliance works with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and virtually all IMAP or POP3 email systems. It allows companies to meet a variety of email retention needs, whether related to regulatory compliance (SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, NASD 3110, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, etc), or simply for good business practice in electronic records management. The ComplianceVault06 also allows for rapid searching of email to improve responsiveness to litigation discovery requests.

New Capabilities and Benefits

All-new user interface - greatly facilitating ease-of-use, featuring simpler navigation, cleaner design, and drop-down menus, for example. ""
Fast, extensive search capabilities - Greatly expanded and advanced search features, including wildcard searches, fuzzy searches, proximity searches, range searches, boosting relevance levels, grouping for sub-queries, field grouping, and - most importantly - the ability to save searches. Search results tell you the location of emails - that is, where they are physically located, on what storage.

Exporting of search results - the ability to easily export any email search results, directly from the search results screen. The search is saved in .eml file format. This feature greatly facilitates use of the system for response to SEC auditors, for legal discovery, or for review by a company's legal counsel. Results can easily be imported into the next step in the legal process, such as a litigation support system.

More audit features - expanding on features already available, to make for even better audit reporting and control. Every single access to the system is tracked, by date, time, and user, providing a full audit log. The new software includes the ability for the compliance officer or examiner to do random samples of email, by several criteria, and to search the audit log database extensively.

In addition, the appliance provides the option of tape encryption, to safeguard stored tapes. Intradyn's Encryptape technology is based on 256-bit AES, strong encryption, the same type of encryption used by the U.S. federal government.

Customer Comment

Ralph Alfaro, chief information officer, Hold Brothers, a broker-dealer in Jersey City, NJ, and a user of the current version of the ComplianceVault: "This product offers a comprehensive set of tools to enforce email review and archival at a very attractive cost. I am impressed that Intradyn has been very attentive to the marketplace. Their quick response to all requests has demonstrated their commitment to evolve this product to keep pace with new regulations involving email audit and archival."

The ComplianceVault06 is a true appliance, meaning it is a complete, application-specific, plug-and-play network server with a web interface. As such, it is an all-in-one, in-house solution with a single upfront cost - as differentiated from outsourced, service-provider solutions, which have ongoing costs and risks related to security and liability.

"We believe there's a large market of companies that have previously outsourced their email archiving, and are now discovering not only how costly that is ongoing, but the liability risk they face with this approach as well," said Gary Doan, Intradyn CEO. "The NASD recently issued an advisory to its member firms alerting them to that very fact - that you can't outsource responsibility and liability. And outsourcing costs even more when customers get a bill for requesting quick retrievals of emails for an audit."

"Traditional email backups are typically not searchable, and do not prevent tampering or provide a forensic audit trail," Doan added.

Starting at less than $10,000, the new ComplianceVault06 appliance has a much lower total cost than other solutions, whether in-house or outsourced. It is an all-in-one solution - essentially "email archiving in a box" - requiring no integration, and not affecting a company's existing IT infrastructure. It can be installed and set up quickly, even by non-IT personnel. There are no additional per-user costs, license costs, or other ongoing costs (other than tape media). Unlimited technical support is provided by Intradyn at no additional charge.

Analyst Comments

Greg Schulz, senior analyst at the Evaluator Group: "The reliance on email for information exchange - combined with government, industry, and self-regulation, along with increasing awareness and sensitivity to information preservation - makes email archiving everyone's business, not just that of SEC-regulated firms. Simply ignoring email preservation is no longer an option. The old excuses of complexity and high cost are gone, given a new generation of solutions like this one from Intradyn."

Michael Osterman of Osterman Research: "The market for email archiving is heating up, and we'll be seeing more companies doing it for both legal discovery and storage management purposes….The ease of use of this new solution from Intradyn is phenomenal, making it very easy to learn and use."

Other Product Enhancements

Additional new features incorporated into the ComplianceVault06 appliance include, but are not limited to:

Multiple mail server support

Ability to write to tape on demand

Both individual and group user account privileges (21 permission functions can be selected for each user or group)

New archive scheduling features

Improved tape cataloging

The new software incorporated into the ComplianceVault06 appliance is architected to allow for future enhancements. Software updates will continue to be made available by Intradyn online, at no additional charge.

The new ComplianceVault06 models will ship by the first week of October and are available through Sony's reseller channel, or through Intradyn's resellers.

Additional information is available at the company's web site,, or by calling 651-203-4600.

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