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SKATER Mini and Mini35 to be featured at the NY Cine Equipment show in New York City.

Making its debut on September 20th at the New York Hilton Hotel, is the New York Cine Equipment Show. Produced by American Cinematographer magazine, the show will focus on all aspects of motion-picture equipment, both film and digital, services and post-production, and will feature seminars led by members of the American Society of Cinematographers. P+S Technik, a leading manufacturer of high-end cine equipment, is pleased to announce that it will be featuring two SKATER Mini camera dollies and two Mini35 Digital Image Converters at the show and invites all attendees to visit booth #164 to experience the revolutionary and extraordinary equipment.

A revolutionary new system for low angle applications, the SKATER Mini is the ideal solution for low angle shots, which are usually very time consuming and require a substantial amount of prep time that often involves sophisticated rigging or even motion control. However, in film production, time is a precious commodity as every second counts. The idea behind the SKATER Mini is fairly simple. It basically takes advantage of a friction tilt head on which tracking wheels are directly attached, optimized for an extremely low camera position. With a minimum height of only 2.0 inches, the SKATER Mini is the flattest camera dolly on the market. Because the SKATER Mini is so small and lightweight, it allows you to move the camera by yourself, giving you direct control over tracking shots in any direction, as well as all sorts of curved moves. You can precisely define any center of rotation at any diameter. It's all your decision, whether you like to orbit around an object right in front of the lens or make a curved move into a final product shot.

Virtually any camera, MiniDV, HD, SD and motion film cameras, can be attached to the SKATER Mini's standard +/- 20° rocker, which is easily interchangeable against an optional +/- 30° rocker. The SKATER Mini can accept payloads of up to 66 pounds. For a precise move around an object, the wheels are quickly adjusted according to values taken from the included rotation table. In addition, values for additional moves are calculated with the Rotation Calculator freeware, available from the ZGC website for Palm and Excel. An additional method for adjusting the SKATER's rotation is to use the included laser pointer. By affixing the laser to each of the three wheels, the user simply points the laser at the object, using a fixed point of reference, and turns and locks each wheel accordingly. To avoid a change of position when the system is not operated, a brake can be used to fix the current position. Additional marks "O" (circle) and "L" (lock) in the wheels' scales show settings to either execute center rotation or to block the SKATER Mini.

The SKATER Mini Kit, securely stored in an aluminum flight case, contains the SKATER Mini camera dolly including the +/- 20° rocker, one laser pointer and two Rotation Tables. The Rotation Calculator Freeware can be downloaded from the service section on the ZGC site at http://www.zgc.com.

For those who shoot in 35mm, controlling DOF is an expensive luxury. MiniDV shooters, on the other hand, have missed out on the ability to fully express their creativity and capture their subjects as intended since DOF control has been beyond the boundaries of DV format camcorders, until now.

The P+S Technik Mini35 Digital Image Converter allows DV shooters to use 35mm film lenses on digital video camcorders, producing film quality images in MiniDV format. The Mini35 Digital image converter is available for the Canon XL1/XL1s/XL2, the Sony HDR-FX1/HVR-Z1U, the Panasonic AG-DVX 100A/DVX100 and the new JVC GY-HD100U cameras. With the Mini35 in place, DOF, focus and angle-of-view are virtually the same as with a 35mm motion picture camera.

For handheld use, the Mini35 Digital Image Converter is fitted with an adjustable side handgrip and an integrated shoulder rest. Optional carbon or aluminum 15mm rods are available, and allow the use of all lightweight cine accessories. The base of the image converter is fitted with a standard 3/8mm thread for compatibility with most tripods and studio support systems.

At the New York Cine Equipment Show, ZGC is offering the first peek at some new Mini35 system accessories designed by P+S Technik, including the Mini35 Breakout Box, Mini35 Battery Holder and Mini35 Professional Viewfinder connection. The new Breakout Box provides video outputs to centrally power the entire system from one battery. The Mini35 Battery Holder attaches most high end V-mount or snap-on batteries like Anton Bauer and PAG. Now you can use a professional viewfinder like the Sony DXF801 or Canon FU1000 and adjust it in three directions.

For additional information and pricing, please visit http://www.zgc.com or call ZGC, Inc. at 973-335-4460.

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ZGC is the exclusive distributor for Cooke (NA and SA) and OpTex (NA) products for film, video and digital video production, the SMPTE endorsed Putora Sharpness Indicator Test Charts and the P+S Technik Mini35 and PRO35 Digital Image Converters. The company services all of the professional equipment it sells. ZGC is an authorized dealer for Canon Broadcast, Canon Digital Video, Spintec, Bogen Imaging, Miller, Sachtler, Sennheiser, Toshiba, Equinox, Portabrace, Tiffen, VariZoom and more.

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