Ninzi From BodyExtreme Receives a High ORAC Score

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Ninzi, the revolutionary anitoxidant juice from BodyExtreme, has just received a very high ORAC score from a new test by Brunswick Laboratories.

Ninzi receives a high ORAC score.

The ORAC Test is a test administered by Brunswick Laboratories which measures the capacity of a substance to absorb free radicals. Ninzi, from BodyExtreme, has just received a very high ORAC score from this test. The first time it was tested a year ago the score was 22,000 which was pretty decent. A year after its release the ORAC score has nearly tripled. The new enhancements to the product have really paid off. The new ORAC score is right at about 55,000 this time around.

There are many antioxidant juice products on the market today but none provide the diversity that Ninzi does. Ninzi includes 7 nutritious berries. Each of the individual berries in NinZi have been carefully selected for their proven nutritional properties which uniquely target and benefit specific systems within the body. Individually each berry has its own specific healing properties - when combined together and enhanced with our Molecular Absorption Technologyâ„¢ they work to synergistically promote better overall health and longevity. To learn more about the berries, you can go here:

The very special thing about Ninzi is that is it made with Structured water technology. They made the decision to incorporate proprietary Molecular Absorption Technology, which was specifically developed to enhance cellular hydration. The molecular structure of the NinZi health juice is scientifically formulated with this technology and is proven to maximize the ability of human cells to absorb water, which in turn delivers the nutrients contained in NinZi to the very building blocks of our bodies. The science behind Molecular Absorption Technology comes from the technology used to create structured or clustered water, where the molecules of water-based liquids are held together in small clusters of rings, similar to the shape of a snowflake. Structured water contains the properties necessary to help it flow easily through the cell membranes, delivering vital nutrients to each cell.

Healthy Life Systems is one of the leading distributors of Ninzi from BodyExtreme. To learn more about Ninzi and Healthy Life Systems you can go here:

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